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Monday, December 12, 2011

Newest Fringe Merchandise, T-shirts and More

If you are a Fringe fan you know there isn't too many things worse than being interrupted when you are trying to enjoy this TV show.  Now you can be sure everyone knows to leave you alone with this graphic that says Do Not Disturb when I'm watching Fringe.

See it on everything from shirts to stickers here.
 The six finger handprint is one of the Fringe glyphs.  This design features the hand print with the words It's a Fringe thing written beside of it.  This would make a great addition to any Fringe fan's collection.

See it on tees, pajamas, mugs and more.

Fringe has so many great things going for it.  One of them being the dynamic duo of Peter and Walter Bishop.  Whether they are arguing, brainstorming, or actually getting along they are always fun to watch.  Show your love of the Bishops with our graphic that says The Bishop Boys Fan Club / Peter and Walter.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fringe Recap: Wallflower (Season 4 Episode 7, 4x07)

Note:  The recap for 4x06 will be up eventually.  I think after not having Peter in any episode for so long and then having so much of him in one episode caused temporary writer's block.

Original Airdate 11/18/11

This episode begins with Olivia checking her medicine cabinet only to find that the bottle of pills she reaches for is empty. She shuts the cabinet looking very glum.
She goes to a pharmacy to pick up a refill. As the pharmacist is informing her this is her last refill before a doctor has to approve new ones, she is busily opening the bottle and taking some of the pills. She says, "I was hoping I wouldn't need these anymore."
On her way back home she passes a sidewalk diner and then comes back for a second look. She goes inside to find Lincoln sitting at the counter. She explains she was out for a walk to help ease a migraine she was having. He invites her to sit down with him for some coffee. As they talk Lincoln tells her that he hasn't slept since he arrived in Boston. He basically says that his whole world has turned upside down since he joined the Fringe Division and has been exposed to this new way of seeing everything around him. Olivia tells him, "You know, eventually it will just become your life."
In Beacon Hill, Massachusetts a man is walking quickly down a street, glancing over his shoulder and even turning fully around, as though looking for someone behind him. His cell rings and he tells the woman on the other end he is on his way home, but he feels like there is someone following him. She brings up calling the police but he says he is nearly home now and she hangs up.
After passing a small puddle of water he hears a splashing sound behind him. When he turns, the puddle is rippling as though something has disturbed it.
His phone rings again, and it's the woman, Meg, telling him that the cops are on their way. He has his key out and is trying to shakily guide it into the keyhole of a door. He says, "It's okay, I'm here." He starts to say what sounds like "I'm home," when something whooshes into him from behind. He yells and falls to the floor with a blurry, shapeless mass clinging to him.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fringe: One Night in October - Funny Poem recap Season 4 Episode 2

One Night in October, Season 4 Episode 2, although September 30th is when it was actually aired to view
A man speaks of family and a turtle they found, back when they would spend time at a campground
The man is in therapy to talk about his past, his doctor encourages him to make his happy memories last
Around this time we can see, there is a tube buried in the patient's brain cavity

His breath also can be seen in the room, as though the temperature has dropped below 32
What kind of doctoring is this?  Less of a professional, more mad scientist
The patient reveals they named the turtle Fred, but no more time for conversation because now he's dead
A tear that had been running down his cheek, hardens quickly into a solid freeze

At Harvard Walter talks to Lincoln, about the shapeshifter's way of thinking
while Walter speaks, around the lab he creeps,
covering things that reflect, raining the Faux with contempt
She used pastries to win him over, all the while being a two timing soldier

Walter needs Lincoln's help, so naturally it's the name "Kennedy!" he shouts
Olivia comes walking in, "Walter is redecorating," Astrid explains with a grin
Astrid tries to do some match-making, hinting Olivia should go out with Lincoln
"He's not my type," Olivia dismisses, Astrid says perhaps her type has no existence

Olivia must leave to go see Broyles, about people whose brains were frozen, not boiled
There have been 23 victim's with this same MO, Olivia asks why she's so late to the show
It's the Other Side's case, Broyles explains, so Olivia will have to work with the one who shares her name
Together they meet with AltLivia so she can  update them on the suspect's trivia

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fringe Neither Here Nor There (401) -- Recap Poem

Well, it took me awhile to get this out, but it's finally here.  Hope it's enjoyable.  Comments are welcome.
We waited months for Season Four, wondering what the powers that be had in store
Would our brown haired hero really cease to exist? But, what kind of show would it be Peter-less?
Neither Here Nor There, an appropriate name, maybe there will be an end to the guessing games
But this is Fringe and it's never easy, I'm sure this episode will only serve to tease me.
Olivia and her alternate are exchanging files, sniping at each other, all the while
Faux says it must suck to be so alone, when she was Olivia she missed her home
Olivia says "Bitch please, just because you lived my life doesn't mean you know me"
As they part ways there is a shimmer, behind Olivia a flash of Peter does glimmer
At a restaurant the Observers meet, although neither one of them appears to eat
Although the old timeline was rendered askew, traces of Peter are still bleeding through
December says, "You must come up with a plan. They cannot know the boy lived to be a man."
September vows to make it right, as he was the one who originally caused this oversight
In Hartford Connecticut a familiar face we see, it's none other than Agent Lincoln Lee
His partner, Robert, is only half dressed, blaming a malfunctioning toaster for his lateness
His children swarm Lincoln as he walks in the kitchen, he pauses to give them attention
Lincoln finally manages to wrangle their Dad so they can be off to catch guys that are bad.

Fringe Music Video

This is so cool.  I just stumbled on this on someone's tumblr blog.  Apparently Fox made a music video with the three main Fringe cast members (Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble) back before it premiered.  I don't remember ever seeing it, but here it is:

Fringe Recap: Season 4 Episode 5, Novation

Fringe ... Novation ... 4x05 ... original airdate 11/04/11
As Fringe begins a convoy of vehicles pulls into the underground parking deck of the FBI Federal Building in Boston. Broyles waits outside one of the cars as a door swings open and Peter Bishop gets out. He is escorted by Broyles and his entourage into the building to a small interrogation-like room.
Olivia enters the lab to find Walter hooked up to two IVs and a beeping machine. His eyes are shut. Olivia walks over to him and he opens his eyes. He explains to her that he was using a barbiturate in one syringe to help him sleep and adrenaline in another syringe to wake him up. When Olivia exasperatedly asks him, "Who sleeps like this?" he says the events of the past few weeks, namely having visions of a strange man who actually shows up and then not being able to examine or speak to said person, has made it so he has not been able to get any rest.
Olivia lets Walter know that the man is refusing to speak to anyone but Walter, and he is also claiming to be Walter's son, Peter.
In Hillsdale, NY a vehicle pulls up in front of a house and a man gets out of it and walks up the sidewalk to the house. Inside, there is a woman rifling through papers in a drawer. The man enters the room and notices that the woman is wearing a sweater that she had said she didn't like before. She says she's just giving it another chance. He also comments that the place is a mess. She informs him is unable to locate the electric bill.
He goes to take a shower. While he is in the shower she removes the keys that he had hooked to his belt loop and uses them to try to get into a locked box in the closet. The man comes out of the bathroom, to see what she is doing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fringe Merchandise and Tees: Crazy is Complicated and Reiden Lake

Dr. Walter Bishop said it best in 'Subject 9' (Fringe Season 4 episode 4) when he told Agent Olivia Dunham 'Crazy is alot more complicated than people think.' Get this great Walter quote on t-shirts, journals, throw pillows and more.

Don't be afraid to let your crazy out once in awhile!

Reiden Lake is a fictional place in New York that has been the center
point of many strange events, both in the old timeline and in the new timeline.  It served as a vacation spot for Walter and his family when Peter was young.  It also was the place Walter crossed back and forth between the universes from.  In the old timeline an Observer saved Peter and Walter from drowning in it and altered future events.  In the new timeline, they were not saved and Peter drowned.  Finally, it returned Peter Bishop to the new now, so yes, it has quite a history.

This graphic says Reiden Lake in red letters and is available on shirts, hats and many more items.

Also available in blue.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fringe Season 4 Episode 4 - Subject 9 Recap

As Olivia is sleeping a blue swirling energy begins to gather in her bedroom. Objects from her night table are pulled in the direction of the blue light and fall on the floor. Olivia's clock alarm goes off and she wakes to see this blue manifestation in front of her. She grabs her gun but the intrusion has already disappeared. Then peculiarly her bedside clock flips from 5:59 to 6:00 again and beeps like it hadn't done that already. She glances cautiously around and sees the pile of metal gadgets on her floor that were previously on her night table.
At the lab Walter is conducting an experiment with 28 cameras and some peanuts. He is hoping that he will be able to catch the apparition that has been lurking around the lab. I’m not exactly sure what the peanuts role in the process was. When Olivia comes in he let's her know that he's glad she stopped by for a visit. Olivia responds, "Well, technically I'm not really visiting, because I work here."
Walter thinks their ghostly intruder is out of phase with their reality and can only be seen at certain angles, which is why he needed such a large amount of cameras for his experiment. His experiment was inspired by a fight scene in the Matrix.
Olivia tells him about the occurrence in her bedroom that morning, and rolls up her shirt sleeve to show Walter and Astrid a red scaly patch on her arm where the force had touched her.
Olivia is concerned that perhaps she causing this thing, whatever it is, to manifest. She brings up the Cortexiphan trials where she was able to start fires with her mind.
Walter has no answers for her, but decides to get a scraping of Olivia's boo-boo to see if he can get any information from that. While Olivia and Astrid are on the other side of the lab Walter notices an envelope protruding from Olivia's jacket pocket. It's a letter that Olivia has to fill out to determine whether Walter is going back to St. Claire's or not. Walter's doctor feels that he should return so he can be observed, but it is ultimately up to Olivia to make the choice.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am Fluent in Walter T-shirt

Fans of Fringe know that Dr. Walter Bishop sometimes seems to speak his own language as he tries to work through the cases of the Fringe Divison.  His son, Peter Bishop, often has to interpret what he is saying for Olivia Dunham and Astrid Farnsworth. 

This funny t-shirt design says I am fluent in Walter in blue letters.  Under that it says Fringe in silver with a six fingered hand print beside it.

Also available on long sleeve shirts, hats, aprons and more.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fringe - Season 4, Episode 3 - Alone in the World Recap

Episode 4x03 starts with Walter having a meeting with his psychiatrist.  The doctor wants to know if Walter has been taking the new meds that he has prescribed to Walter.  Walter says he has mostly, and with his own tweaks.

Walter says he is a bit distracted because there is an important project he is working on.  The doctor mentions that almost every surface in the lab that could possibly reflect something has been covered up. 

He is also aware that Walter claims to have seen a man in the lab sometimes, even though he is the only one who has seen him.  This man also supposedly speaks to Walter sometimes.

Walter explains that him covering everything up was an experiment he was working on and the mysterious man is only a result of him dabbling with his own medication.

The doctor wants to know if Walter has been hallucination free for the past few weeks.  Before he answers, the doctor shifts his clipboard a bit and there is a distorted Peter looking out from it.  Walter sees him, but glances away and tells the doctor there's been no more hallucinations. 

Now, a young boy is running down a road that is flanked by trees on either side.  There are two other boys chasing him, yelling varieties of "We're gonna get you."

The boy dashes into an underground concrete tunnel and the other two kids follow him inside.  One of them starts to advance on him and threaten him for  getting him "busted for the stash in my locker."

When he pulls back his fist in order to punch the first boy, the other heckler starts complaining and freaking out about something touching his leg. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recap: Season 4 Episode 2 - One Night in October

One Night in October opens in the middle of what appears to be a therapy session. A man is looking at a picture of a boy holding up a turtle. It is a picture of him when he was younger. The other man in the room with him asks him questions about the day picture was taken. He says that he thinks he was six and in the summer his family would go camping in the White Mountains. His mom took the picture and was laughing when she did. As the man speaks wisps of his breath become visible, as though it is very cold. He says he misses his mother.
The other man prompts him to tell him what else happened. There is blue liquid traveling through coils of tubing beside him. The shot follows the tubing up, until it shows that it is anchored in the back of the head of the man who is looking at the picture.

He says he and his brothers talked their Mom into keeping it and they named him Fred. The questioner says, 'How did that make you feel?' and the man answers, "Happy" in a voice barely above a whisper. Then some crackling is heard and the tear that was running down his cheek freezes and his eyes look like they freeze over as well. The opening credits roll.

Walter is in the lab talking to Lincoln about the shapeshifters. As he talks he creeps slowly towards a jar full of some kind of green substance. The liquid distorts his face, much the way a fun house mirror would. He drops a cloth over the jar and it's lid.
He is explaining to Lincoln that the shapeshifters (and everything from Over There) are hateful and several other synonyms to describe just how he feels regarding the Other Side. Astrid tries to reason with Dr. Walter Thesaurus and tells him they need to try to set aside their differences and move on.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorites and Best Ofs Season 4 Episode 1, Neither Here Nor There


For this episode's Best Ofs I don't have as many as I usually do. Mostly because there is no Peter right now, so there can't be aFavorite
Peter/Olivia, moment, Walter/Peter moment, Bad Ass Peter moment or even fangirly Joshua Jackson moment. *sigh*

BEST USE OF HEADING ... I'm actually not sure how many times they used the Heading thing this episode so I'm going to say it was near the beginning when it said HARTFORD CONNECTICUT. Basically I'm just picking one. I don't know if I'm going to keep this category in the future.

BAD ASS OLIVIA MOMENT ... .Olivia getting her ass kicked in warehouse but in the end managing to kill the shapeshifter anyway.

BEST LOL ... When Walter tells Astrid "I'm not wearing pants," in the middle of his disease speech. It was just so random, like he just then realized he wasn't wearing them.

BEST EWWW MOMENT ... When the shapeshifter pulled off his fingernail. I don't know if it caught me off guard or what, but I really did almost gag.

BEST WTF ... I don't think I have a best WTF moment for this episode.

WHAT WALTER CALLS ASTRID ... Walter did not get Astrid's name wrong in this episode.

FOOD WALTER TALKS ABOUT/EATS ... He eats microwave popcorn and he asks Agent Lee if he brought candy, such as gum drops.

As always I would be delighted to know if people agreed with these or had other choices.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fringe Season 4 Episode 1 - Neither Here Nor There Recap

Since the new Season has started I am going to start recapping the new episodes (along with making my best of list and funny poem recap) after they air and go back and do the old ones as I can. Unfortunately this means that my recaps will be out of order, unless I can figure out a way to fix that. Enjoy the recap and if you have any questions, or anything to add leave a comment.

Season 4 starts off with Olivia and Faux doing what I assume is exchanging case files so they can read up on the opposite universe. This scene was great. They were so catty with each other. Olivia in an every word has an angry undercurrent type of way and Faux in an outwardly flippant up yours type of way. Neither one of them thinks they can trust the other. Faux blatantly came out and told Olivia all she had was herself so it's no wonder she can't trust anyone.

In the new timeline Olivia was still held by the other side and Faux came here and impersonated Olivia. They didn't go into too many details about that.

To see the two Olivia's side by side and how Anna manages to portray each of them differently is amazing. It really is like watching two completely different people. I really wish the Emmy's had more sci-fi love.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Recap: Fringe Season 1 Episode 3, The Ghost Network

The episode opens outside of St Anne's Cathedral. Inside there is a man in a confessional speaking to a priest. He asks the priest if he thinks that God is able to speak to him. The priest says he believes that God will speak to anyone who is willing to listen. He also asks him if he thinks the devil can speak to people as well. The priest asks if there is something he would like to tell him.

The man explains that he tries to be a good man, but he sees bad things. As he talks we see people on a bus, going about their normal bus-riding activities. There is a man on the bus who is looking around, in a suspicious manner.

The man in the confessional continues to speak about visions that he has and there is a woman on the bus that puts a gray backpack down beside her seat. The man talking to the priest says that he's scared, he wants these visions to stop. While he continues to work his way through his feelings the man on the bus opens a black bag and takes out a gas mask and a silver cylinder. He puts the mask on and the cylinder starts to emit a smoky substance. He puts the cylinder on the floor and it rolls down the aisle of the bus.

As people begin to panic the man gets up, and starts to leave the bus. He reaches down and grabs the backpack that the woman put beside her seat on his way by.

After he gets off the bus he jumps into a waiting car and the car speeds away.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fringe Poem: Season 1 Episode 2, The Same Old Story episode 102

In Boston Mass is where our story begins, Season 1, episode 2 of Fringe
The Same Old Story, boy sleeps with girl, boy gets dressed in a hurry
Here's where our tale deviates from the norm, boy takes out tools as though he has surgery to perform
Meanwhile girl talks alot, asking him questions, then admitting her business it's not

He answers readily enough, all the while concentrating on his orange stuff
She stops talking and starts to groan, she gets off the bed and begins to roam
Boy tells her it will be alright, pretty soon there will be an end to her plight
She is outside now, screaming in pain, she is scared and feeling insane

A kindly neighbor from the room next door, peeps out to see what the yelling is for
He is assured by the mysterious man that taking her to the hospital is his plan
He loads her in the car and they peel away, her stomach undulating as though inside there's a fray
He pulls up to the hosptial while she shouts, gets her to the sidewalk then says I'm out

His tail lights wave Bye-Bye in the dark, dark night, she collapses on the sidewalk with hurt and fright
Next some swinging doors she is being wheeled through, people are asking her when she's due
She is not expecting she lets them know, they say Quick! To the OR we must go!
The baby is coming whether she admits it or not, they ready a scalpel and water that's hot

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fringe Fanfiction

I didn't start reading fanfiction until earlier this year. There's so much of it out there, I only read it for a few shows, Fringe being one of them. Also to further pare it down I usually only read the M rated ones. I figured if I'm going to spend time reading them, I might as well go for the gold.

I almost felt guilty when I started reading them. It felt as if I was crossing a line and spying on pieces of the characters' personal lives that I had no right to know about. But alas, just as it is almost impossible to not look at a car accident when you go by, even though you know you could see something that might be more than you wanted to, that's how I was with fanfic. I read on, got over my well maybe I should just leave the juicy parts to my imagination thoughts and I'm glad I did. It's been fun reading about the characters in different scenarios that we haven't seen on TV.

My favorite Fringe fanfic would have to be Sum Over Histories by MVariorum. It starts around the time that Olivia comes back from the Other Side. The author writes the characters in a way that seems true to how they would actually interact with one another. This fic is well-written and has the right blend of sarcasm from Peter, aloofness from Olivia and craziness from Walter. I look forward to every new chapter.

Added 9/19/11:
While my favorite Fringe fanfic is Sum Over Histories as mentioned above there are several others that I would recommend. They all can be found on but I will provide links directly to the stories as well. These are in no particular order.  I will continue to add to the list as I find more.

List updated - 2.27.14

Date Night by gameoff (My first real fanfic!)
Stakeout by gameoff
Olivia. At the Gala. In a Dress. (by gameoff) *new addition*
Father Time's Mistakes by WikiAddicted723
Heat Wave by SamSpade
Recovery by AAnitab
Synethesia by neotantrika
One Monday Night by doctorwarren
A Year of Love by ab89us
As You Wish by Elialys
Broken Hearted by SamSpade
A Million Stars and You by thornbug
Cold Showers by Dixiegirl256
This Time by doctorwarren
Warm Me Up by SamSpade
Your Love is Life, Piled Tight and High by x-the-rising-x
The Aftermath of Murder by Kadyn
Of Eggnog And Festive Flirting by E Salvatore (rated T)
The Last Recovery of Olivia Dunham by Kadyn
Never Have I Ever by Kadyn
The Spaces In Between by WikiAddicted723
Piano Lessons by noturgurl
And So It Goes by ThatClutzsarahh

Plus my episode recaps told in the form of poetry.  It may sound tedious - but give them a shot, they're meant to be fun to read. (they can be found on this blog and

1x01 - The Pilot Episode
1x02 - The Same Old Story
4x01 - Neither Here Nor There
4x02 - One Night In October

If you have a fanfic you'd like to recommend feel free to leave it in the comments.  I've been informed that this blog does not like to let people leave comments.  So if you have something you want to share you can reach me at email:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Were You Thinking Emmys?

I am very disappointed that there was no Emmy love for John Noble and Anna Torv this year.  What's up with that?  Between them they played what could be considered 10 versions of their characters.  Present Day Olivia and Fauxlivia, Bellivia, Older Olivia, Present Day Walter and Walternate, Younger Walter and Walternate, Older Walter and Walternate. 

Yes, maybe I'm stretching it a bit with all the Present Day, Older, Younger etc. but each version of themselves was a little different and they deserved recognition.  Oh, Emmy Gods - shame on you.

Yipee! that Josh presented but Hiss!  Boo! about John and Anna.

Fringe was nominated for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media so at least there's that.

See who else didn't get the nod.

I must go now.  I have some sulking and pouting to do.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorites and Best Ofs: Fringe Season 1 Episode 2, The Same Old Story

Favorite Peter and Walter moment ... Hands down when Peter sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat to Walter to help him sleep.

Favorite Peter and Olivia moment ... When he sits with her on the bench and touches her hand, letting her know she is not alone in facing the madness.

Best Ewww, Gross moment ... Walter digging the eyeball out of it's socket.

Best WTF moment ... When Broyles asks Olivia if she and John were safe the last time they were intimate and then Olivia's stomach starts growing like she's pregnant.  Double WTF points because even though I have watched this scene many times I still always think it's real at first.  (Uh, maybe that last sentence should go into a new category titled Best Senior Moment.) 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fringe Recap - 'The Same Old Story' - (1x02)

Fringe - Season 1, Episode 2
'The Same Old Story'

Episode 102 opens showing the location marker of Boston Mass attached to a highway overpass. Next, we are taken to a motel room where a very talkative stripper is stretched out on a bed speaking to a shirtless man as he zips up his jeans.

When he grabs his bag on the way to the bathroom, she asks if there is a mushroom pizza in it. Huh? I'm assuming she's joking, maybe trying to diffuse any post-copulation awkwardness, but she's so damn babbly there's no time for awkwardness. Some people have a cigarette after sex, she apparently has Chatty Cathy syndrome.

She proceeds to fire off an onlslaught of words at the man, asking him if he's married, stating she knows it's none of her business, telling him her real name (maybe she gets lonely working the pole all day, who knows...), explaining that she and her sisters all have flowers as their middle names.  She says that her Mom didn’t even spell her first name right.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fringe Poem: Fringe Season 1 Episode 1, Pilot

There was an international flight from Hamburg to Boston one night
A man who was upset, used a medicinal pen to self inject
Then he began to seize, like a leaf swaying in the breeze
Next came the vomiting, which was quite frightening

But the melting of the faces had to be the worst, jaws dropping off, and skin ready to burst
Soon all the passengers were infected and the inside of the plane was quite hectic
Lots of people running round, others falling down on the ground
Then the Fringe opening credits, that beginning will really draw you in, if you let it

In a motel room we meet Olivia and John,
neither one of them have any clothes on
The love word is said, Olivia just smiles instead
A ringing phone interrupts a post-coital kiss, so for the moment there will be no more naughtiness

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Favorites and Best Ofs - Fringe Season 1 Episode One, Pilot

For every episode I am going to make a list of certain things, just because I think it will be fun. It'll be like my own little Fringe mini-awards.

I am trying to go off memory for this episode so I may have to come back and update it at some point.  But if you actually read my whole recap of the episode it shouldn't surprise you that I'm a little Fringe Piloted out at the moment and while I wouldn't mind watching any other episode, I'm ready to let the Pilot rest for a short while.  I think my DVD player might appreciate it also.

Favorite Peter/Walter moment ... When they are brainstorming about getting the anecdote into John and they both come up with something at the same time and say "Brilliant!"

Favorite Peter/Olivia moment ... The whole scene when Peter brings her coffee for the 1st time and they talk about the fake file and Peter's debt.  Particularly the end when Peter says the house was cheating and Olivia laughs.

Best Ew, Gross moment ... I guess it would have to be at the beginning when peoples faces were melting off.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fringe Recap - Pilot Episode (101) ... (Part 3)

Just in case you missed the title this is Part 3 of the Pilot episode recap.  You might want to check out parts 1 and 2 first.

Fringe ... Season 1, Episode 1

Olivia apparently recovers from her brush with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and dip in the salt water spa-o-visions because now she is front of a computer terminal in the FBI office.  She is using a program to create a rendering of the man she saw while she was interacting with John's memories.  Charlie wants to know how she even knows about this guy and Olivia reminds Charlie that she told him not to ask her that. 

She is satisfied with the image on the screen and someone in the office goes to run it through the records databases to see if they can get any more information about him.  Charlie is concerned about Olivia's well being as it appears that she has not slept, he minces no words and informs her that she looks like crap.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Recap - Fringe Pilot Episode (101) - Part 2

Continued from part 1 so if you are reading this one first you're out of order.

~~~~~ SPOILERS AHEAD ~~~~~

Fringe ... Season 1, Episode 1 (1x01)

The next scene shows a plane flying through the air and then we see Olivia on the phone.  From her end of the conversation we find out that she is talking to Charlie, it sounds like she is getting an update on John.  As she ends the conversation Peter sits down in the seat across from her.  They begin to talk about Peter's father, Walter.  Peter says he knows his father was a chemist who did research for a toothpaste company and at some point there was an accident in the lab, after which Walter was arrested. Peter tells Olivia that he thinks there has to be more to it than Walter working with toothpaste.

Olivia gathers her thoughts for a moment and lets Peter know that his father worked as part of a classified experimental army program under the name of Kelvin Genetics.  He worked on things like mind control, teleportation, astral projection and reanimation.  He was provided an unlimited budget to pursue his research.

Later they arrive at St Claire's Hospital in Essex County, Massachusetts.  Olivia meets with Walter (John Noble) in what looks like an empty cafeteria while Peter waits in the hallway.  They begin talking about John Scott's condition as Walter asks specific questions to Olivia.  He is quite fidgety and lapses off into a conversation about the horrible butterscotch pudding that they have there on Mondays.  When Olivia informs him it is Thursday he brightens and rejoices with "Oh?  That's fantastic news."  We didn't know it at the time, but this was the first of many, many, many, food observations from Walter.  Olivia looks like she is beginning to lose hope when Dr. Bishop starts to tell her that the condition can be reversed.  As she tries to get more information out of him he tells her he knows that his son has to be there if she is there and he would like to see him.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recap: Fringe Pilot Episode (101) ... Part 1

I can remember when the commercials for Fringe first started coming on I was already drawn to the show.  It seemed like it was going to be so interesting and right up my little love of strange shows alley.  It surely didn't disappoint.  I do wish I would've thought about writing about it as it first came on, that way I could write about it without knowing what was coming.  But having said that, it is kind of cool to watch it from the beginning and see how seemingly meaningless details are really a glaring sign of something that happens later.

 I haven't quite decided what, if any, kind of format to try to follow with these posts so I'm sort of winging it.  I think they are going to be partly an episode recap, some of my thoughts about it, and well, whatever else makes it to the keyboard.


Fringe - Season 1, Episode 1 (1x01)

Even the first few seconds of this show was captivating with the plane flying through the storm.  It's almost like you can feel the electricity in the air and feel the turbulence.  I think the pilot would've been great to see in a theater.  Well all the episodes are like mini-movies with killer effects so any of them would be good in a theater. 

Just the theme song of Fringe brings a smile to my face.  I think The X Files used to do that too.  It's like you know you are about to embark on some crazy ride that is going to make you suspend your powers of disbelief and you are more than willing to take this journey and keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times.

After the horrific opening sequence complete with vomiting face melting people the scene switches to a motel room and we meet Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and John Scott (Mark Valley) who have apparently just finished bending the rules of the FBI and the mattress springs of the bed.  John tells Olivia he loves her and I am under the assumption that it must have been the first time for that and although Olivia looks quite pleased at this, she doesn't say the big "L" word back.  And as what is going to become a continuing occurrence in this show, a cell phone rings at an inopportune moment and the two lovers have to go back to their roles as FBI agents.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Season 2 Boxed Set Has Arrived

This weekend I received my Fringe Season 2 box set. I have a system I use for watching the box sets, and even though this is admitting I am a bit geeky I will share it.

1. I watch the whole set through one time just for enjoyment purposes.
2. I watch all the bonus features.
3. I watch the whole set through again, only this time I take notes for what will become future posts on this blog and also possible future designs in my Fringe section for my online store.

I am now on step 3 of the pilot of the 1st season, so hopefully my blog post on that one will be coming soon.

A little tidbit for anyone that is looking for the Fringe Season 1 and 2 box sets - I would recommend looking for them at Walmart online. That is the best price I found.