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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Favorites and Best Ofs - Fringe Season 1 Episode One, Pilot

For every episode I am going to make a list of certain things, just because I think it will be fun. It'll be like my own little Fringe mini-awards.

I am trying to go off memory for this episode so I may have to come back and update it at some point.  But if you actually read my whole recap of the episode it shouldn't surprise you that I'm a little Fringe Piloted out at the moment and while I wouldn't mind watching any other episode, I'm ready to let the Pilot rest for a short while.  I think my DVD player might appreciate it also.

Favorite Peter/Walter moment ... When they are brainstorming about getting the anecdote into John and they both come up with something at the same time and say "Brilliant!"

Favorite Peter/Olivia moment ... The whole scene when Peter brings her coffee for the 1st time and they talk about the fake file and Peter's debt.  Particularly the end when Peter says the house was cheating and Olivia laughs.

Best Ew, Gross moment ... I guess it would have to be at the beginning when peoples faces were melting off.

Best WTF moment ... That's a hard one, either finding out John Scott was in on it or the end when they were going to question John's body.

Foods/Drinks Walter Talks About ... butterscotch pudding, ginger ale

What Walter Called Astrid ... Nothing for this epsiode.  Should be interesting for future eps.

Favorite Bad Ass Peter moment ... Tackling Steig. (Yes, I think I like that better than the smashing Steig's fingers scene.)

Favorite Bad Ass Olivia moment ... A tie between jumping off the roof when she was chasing Steig and willingly having an electrode jammed into her neck, getting shot up with hallucinogens and going in the tank. 

Best Use of the Location Name ... tie between Logan Airport, Boston and Baghdad Iraq

Favorite LOL moment ... When Olivia wanted Peter to sign Walter out of St. Claire's and she said
"One phone call. That's all it takes. You want me to make it? Cause I've got my phone in my pocket. Now it's out of my pocket."
--That cracked me up.

This one is just a personal one for me to make the fangirl inside of me happy ... Favorite something about Joshua Jackson / Peter Bishop in this episode ... The scene when he had a long sleeve shirt on under a short sleeve shirt.  He wore it well.

I have some more ideas for categories.  I'm thinking about having a favorite Astrid/Walter moment, Foods Peter eats, Best Walterism, Favorite quote, Best Sarcastic Peter moment.  Really, the possiblities are probably endless.  I will leave those for another day though.

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