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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fringe Poem: Season 1 Episode 2, The Same Old Story episode 102

In Boston Mass is where our story begins, Season 1, episode 2 of Fringe
The Same Old Story, boy sleeps with girl, boy gets dressed in a hurry
Here's where our tale deviates from the norm, boy takes out tools as though he has surgery to perform
Meanwhile girl talks alot, asking him questions, then admitting her business it's not

He answers readily enough, all the while concentrating on his orange stuff
She stops talking and starts to groan, she gets off the bed and begins to roam
Boy tells her it will be alright, pretty soon there will be an end to her plight
She is outside now, screaming in pain, she is scared and feeling insane

A kindly neighbor from the room next door, peeps out to see what the yelling is for
He is assured by the mysterious man that taking her to the hospital is his plan
He loads her in the car and they peel away, her stomach undulating as though inside there's a fray
He pulls up to the hosptial while she shouts, gets her to the sidewalk then says I'm out

His tail lights wave Bye-Bye in the dark, dark night, she collapses on the sidewalk with hurt and fright
Next some swinging doors she is being wheeled through, people are asking her when she's due
She is not expecting she lets them know, they say Quick! To the OR we must go!
The baby is coming whether she admits it or not, they ready a scalpel and water that's hot

Before they can begin it's already too late, Loraine Daisy has become a victim of fate
They slice her open quick as they can, but the sight they view is more than they can stand
It's something so horrible we don't even see, since the doctor almost vomited that's good enough for me
The screen goes black and opening credits roll, we settle in for another dose of our favorite show

Phillip Broyles is having a meeting about his new team, Nina Sharp rips them apart at the seams
She poo-poos Walter and picks on Peter, and Olivia, well, she was sleeping with a traitor
Broyles listens to her shit but gives it right back, emerging cleanly from her verbal attack
He is quite happy with his choices, not knowing yet about Walter getting boisterous

Olivia is awake and burning the two fifteen oil, which is good because she gets a call from Broyles
He gruffly tells her there is an urgent case, so she packs up and heads to Peter and Walter's place
Peter was sleeping with his phone turned off, because he didn't want to be woken up he scoffs
He finds Walter in the closet instead of bed, Walter says Row, Row, Row Your Boat helps him rest  his head

Upon arrival at Bromley Medical Center, Broyles praises Olivia's quickness on getting to their latest adventure
Peter and Broyles share an awkward introduction, Walter is amazed at the seat warmer's heat production
As a group they enter the hospital, and survey OldManBaby, on the floor in a sprawl
Walter has some ideas but a lab he needs, 'You already have one,' Broyles intercedes

Back at the lab Broyles fills in some gaps, says that all these crazy events are connected perhaps
He calls it "The Pattern," a name so subtle, even Peter's genius brain is temporarily befuddled
Olivia tries to set him straight, but basically what he already knows, she just reiterates
Astrid comes in with a clue, The Scarlet Red motel is a lead they should pursue

Olivia interrupts Walter's research, throwing his concentration into a lurch
When he gets confrontational, Peter steps in and stops the turmoil
Peter volunteers to go in Walter's place, he says he can gather evidence on the case
He and Olivia are off to the Scarlet Red, leaving Walter to cool his head

At the motel Jane Doe gets a name, although her mother would not have made the Spelling Hall of Fame
Peter says he's sorry for Walter's outburst, Olivia is too distracted to converse
She predicts sheets in the cabinet, when Peter finds them there, she gets upset
She leaves the room and Peter follows, she says she feels this killer she knows

As they leave Scarlet Red and drive away, Olivia shares gory details of the killer's previous prey
He went through their nose to get to their brain, and a piece of grey matter he would then obtain
Olivia fears there will be more lost lives, as this man, he killed in fives
As our heroes ruminate on this, the perp finds a new victim to put add to his list

Back at the Federal Building Charlie holds a meeting, in a large conference room with lots of seating
He discusses the funeral of John Scott, says judgment should be passed not
Olivia gestures to him from outside, Charlie adjourns the meeting and bids them goodbye
Olivia wants to open an old case file, and asks Charlie if he knew all the while

Charlie admits of her and John he was aware, but did nothing because Olivia's happiness was rare
She says she feels like everything was a sham, she should've figured John out before he went on the lam
She feels dirty from within, like only showering on the inside would clean her skin
Charlie comforts her with a touch on the shoulder, he will get her the files and send them over

In a warehouse in Stoughton Mass, the killer pretends he wants a piece of ass
He tells his newest find to look out the window, there's a bridge out there he thinks is magnifico
He approaches her from behind, they start to make out, bodies intertwined
Before things get too hot and heavy, he injects her in the neck with something deadly

Back at the lab Walter is milking Gene, this new case is tied to Walter's past it seems
He and Peter go on a mission, to find where Walter parked his car before his asylum admission
In a dusty storage shed they find it in one piece, along with files and severed hands, to say the least
Like father like son as the saying goes, and Ta-Da! from the dead the car arose

Peter and Walter pull up in the station wagon, Olivia studies the case because results are laggin'
'Third time's a charm,' Peter observes back at the lab, when Astrid meets again his dear old Dad
The gang looks through the newly found storage boxes, Walter tells them to look for pituitary, not poxes
A file is discovered, about a man named Penrose, Walter remembers him because of his razor burn woes

Penrose is now a professor at Boston College, Olivia calls Charlie to have him gather more knowledge
Back at the warehouse we find our bad guy, ready to cut into the woman that in front of him lies
At the college Peter and Olivia interview Penrose, 'A cup of tea?', he does propose
They tell him about Loraine and show him a photo, and question him about his research from long ago

He shared it with no one, he advises, and for Walter's time in St. Claire's he sympathizes
Although he mentions it may have been for the best, as the things in Walter's head should be suppressed
Olivia and Peter take their leave, convinced that Penrose is trying to deceive
Charlie calls to say he has found a body, 'Send it to the lab' Olivia tells her buddy

Back at the lab Walter examines the murdered girl, and a story about cultivating soldiers begins to unfurl
By adding growth hormones to fertilized eggs, in three years a baby would fast forward to 21 years of age
But the plan had a hitch that was involved, stopping the process of aging could not be resolved
He thinks the killer is stealing pituitary glands, and using their hormones to extend his life-span

Walter says the killer and Loraine had sexual relations, using synonyms and causing Peter exasperation
Then he detours for a quick birth-control lesson, advising Peter and Olivia on the effectiveness of condoms as contraception
There must have been an oopsie in the sack, which put Loraine on motherhood's fast track
Olivia is now discouraged and kind of crabby, even comfort from Peter doesn't make her happy

We are now gazing upon a new scene, we learn that Dr Penrose has a secret up his sleeve
He meets up with the killer, and refers to him as 'Son', and says he is aware of what he's done
The son, who is Christopher by name, says that lately he's been in more pain
His Dad assures him he will feel better soon, one more to go and his health will resume

Back at the lab Walter begins to hypothesize, perhaps the last image the victim saw is stuck in her eyes
Peter isn't sure, but listens to Walter's train of thought, then is off to interrupt the alone time Olivia sought
They have a moment that makes Polivia shippers squee, a touch, a smile, but then the mention of MD
The equipment they need is held under patent, and of course the owner would have to be Massive Dynamic

So now off to New York Olivia goes, and while waiting on couches Broyles keeps her on her toes
Asking about John and their last intimate encounter, 'Were you safe?' he asks, astounding her
Then Olivia's stomach begins to grow, moving back and forth, to and fro
Suddenly Olivia is jerked awake, her nightmare ended, luckily it was only fake

She meets with Nina who tries to get her to bond, but Olivia is too smart to be conned
Olivia tries to get info about John Scott, Nina doesn't divulge a whole lot
She talks of her sweaty hand, losing people and points of view from Olivia's coworking men
A guy arrives with Walter's special request, Nina is gone before Olivia can protest

In Walter's lab a gory sight is found, he is digging an eyeball from it's socket so round
He affixes it in the air and starts the show, the last images it saw on a screen does go
Meanwhile, in a bar across the city, Christopher finds another victim looking pretty
No easing into it because the next thing we see, the girl being prepped for removal of her pituitary

Back at the lab Peter and Walter do some bickering, but shelve it quickly when identifiable things start flickering
The gang deduces it down to a bridge, Astrid recognizes it as near where she used to live
They figure out on which block the murder ocurred, satellite images show a car at the time she was massacred
Peter and Olivia make for the door, there's no reason to wait anymore

At the warehouse Peter refuses to stay in the car, they enter together and don't have to look far
They find Penrose standing beside a woman on a table, Peter says she's alive - maybe even stable
A noise from elsewhere gives Olivia pause, she gives Peter a weapon and runs off to find the cause
Christopher manages to escape Olivia's reach, but she follows him out into the street

Penrose distracts Peter by messing with the IV bag, then he runs, making Peter mad
Although he gets off some shots, none of them connect, the woman starts to seize as though epileptic
Peter calls Walter for some help, Walter says without cocaine you'll have to do it yourself
Peter pieces together a home made defibrillator, outside Olivia is still tracking down the traitor

Apparently Olivia is about to get her shot, Christopher's run has come to a stop
Peter and Walter are still conversing on voltage, but Christopher's running again, his flight instinct engaged
Although now he has a slight limp, which might help Olivia keep him in her glimpse
Peter's first resuscitation attempt does not work, so he cranks the voltage with a jerk

This time the woman's heart starts to beat, Walter congratulates his son for his feat
Olivia has now caught up to Christopher outside, he tells her his father should've let him die
As the lighting changes and shadows fall away, we can see that Christopher's hair has turned gray
He's wrinkled now, with many liver spots, Olivia watches as he passes away in mid-thought

Since their case is close to through, a visit to Nina is on Olivia's To-Do
Nina feels Olivia out, trying to tantalize her with Massive Dynamic's clout
Olivia refuses when offered a job, No thanks, she's already up to her eyeballs in the macabre
Later, Broyles tells Olivia Penrose is still at large, but if they find him they will charge

Broyles and Olivia discuss Nina Sharp, Broyles says she is not completely in the dark
They share a small moment of lightness, when Olivia says Broyles should give her a raise for her success
Then, we are back at the laboratory, unreasonable search and seizure paperwork has Peter in a fury
He leaves the room after refusing to sign, Walter has no problem John Hancocking the dotted line

Walter makes some cryptic comments, leaving Olivia to wonder what it is he laments
That night, back at the hotel, Walter's restless brain will not quell
He thought he was speaking internally although he was not, and resumes counting out loud in the same spot
Peter finally lullabies Walter to sleep, by singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat slow and deep

The final scene leaves us with a bit of confusion, which is the usual Fringe conclusion
Three beds are in a room, it is white and quiet like a tomb
The people on the left and right are enclosed in a chamber, the middle one is not, so in the open he lingers
I'm not quite sure what this scene means, but this being Fringe we know it tells of something yet unforeseen

The End

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