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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fringe Fan Gifts (Fringe Merchandise)

In the Fringe episode 'Five - Twenty - Ten' the team finally found a use for William Bell's hand. And Walter made up yet another name for Astrid. This design says, 'Fire Up the Laser Agnes. Let's get that hand out of amber.' around a depiction of Bell's hand in amber.

See t-shirts, sweatshirts and more merchandise with the 'Fire Up the Laser' design.

Season Five of Fringe is here and unfortunately, it's the last one. To memorialize the end of this great show we have this design that has the text: 'Fringe The Final Season' with a number 5 in the background.

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Here's one of our great new Fringe designs, right in time for the holidays. It features an Observer's grey Fedora and the word 'Resist'.

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This graphic also features an image of an Observer's grey fedora.  Above the hat are the words 'They are Here' written in blue text. 

This funny text-only design says 'When I grow up I want to be Olivia Dunham.'  The colors of the slogan are pink and blue.  It's a perfect gift for anyone who still feels like they are a kid at heart and who also has a healthy dose of admiration for Olivia.

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This funny text-only design says 'When I grow up I want to be Peter Bishop.'  The colors of the slogan are green and blue.  It's a perfect gift for anyone who still feels like they are a kid at heart and who also admires Peter.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fringe Recap - "Five - Twenty - Ten" - Episode 507

Fringe Season 5, Episode 7 (5x07)
'Five - Twenty - Ten'
Original Airdate: Friday November 16, 2012
Alright everyone, get ready for this epic bag of OMGs that Bad Robot has delivered on our doorsteps like an early Christmas present, or Thanksgiving cornucopia, if you'd rather not skip ahead in holidays.
The previously-on-Fringe moments remind us of important events thus far in the season. If you're just tuning in now though, it's probably best if you do not pass go and do not collect your 200 Red Vines until you go back and catch up on this series.
It's just another day in Boston-turned-Observerville and Peter is standing on the sidewalk of a busy street looking around at his surroundings when he starts having flashes of things happening, all tinged in the blue Observer-vision he acquired at the end of last week's episode. He sees an Observer walking along, bumping into a woman in a dark coat who says, "Excuse me," in irritation as he continues on his way without acknowledging his faux pas. A car stops. It already has a couple Observers inside. They motion to the one on the street, calling him Mueller. They tell him they have a meeting they have to attend and he gets in the car with them and it drives off.
Peter snaps out of his little moment (head tilt) and checks his watch. He begins to cross the street as the light turns green, causing a driver to have to stop to avoid running him over. As a Loyalist leans out of his car window to give Peter a piece of his mind, Peter spots the car from his vision a few vehicles back. In the meantime the traffic signal has turned red again causing the people waiting to miss their opportunity to go through it.
Peter finishes crossing the street and watches as the events in his vision begin to unfold before him: Mueller walks down a flight of steps with his briefcase, a vendor hands a patron a drink, Mueller bumps into Dark Coat Woman, (it's red in living color, by the way). Mueller crosses the street near the Observer car but is not called over to it.
Peter glances around and sees one of the 'Etta Resist' posters plastered to the side of a building. A little smile curls one side of his mouth up. (This, for anyone that cares, is the little smile he has after the explosion in the preview when the fedora blows down to the street. So previews, evil temptresses that they are, definitely make things seem not as they actually happen.) Peter pulls out his cell phone and makes a call. When the person on the other end picks up, Peter says, "Anil, I'm going to need your help with something."
Peter is now entering the lab via the underground grate. He has a cardboard box with him that has four neon helium canisters in it. Walter questions where he has been for so long and is a little disappointed to see Peter didn't bring back more than four but accepts it when Peter said that the bartering process took more convincing than he thought it would.
Peter greets Olivia and Astrid while Astrid looks over the bounty he has brought. She says she'll get to work after breakfast. Walter tells her, "Get started. The world's not going to save itself. Chop-chop."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fringe 506 - 'Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There' Observations

Fringe ... Season 5, Episode 6
'Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There'
Original Airdate:  Friday November 9, 2012

Well, I didn't get around to doing my full, long-ass recap this week for this episode but I did want to put something up so I thought I'd share some Observations (See what I did there?) I had been discussing with a fellow Fringe fan.  (*wink* starg8fans - I'm looking at you!)

I really need to watch this episode again so my initial opinions may change later.

This episode had some really awesome scenes that I loved - the P/O in Etta's apartment, Peter taking on the Observer, the Peter and Walter scene at the end - but overall it didn't have the same impact that the previous two episodes did.  Which is okay, because I guess they can't all be knock-your-socks-off episodes. 

Going into a bit more detail:  The pain that Peter conveyed with the simple sentence of "I just needed to see her," was so heartbreaking.  And then when he and Olivia were watching the message how Olivia had tears in her eyes and Peter's lip was quivering slightly just knocked that scene out of the park.  What great acting from Anna and Josh.  I loved that they had their moment to actually grieve together over the loss of their daughter.

Something about the tone and inflection in his voice when Peter said he got the injury on his neck when they collapsed the core made me rewind that part several times.

When he was telling Olivia that he was fine I was thinking to myself, 'Peter, you are so far from fine it's not even funny.'

The look he had at the end of that scene when he looked at Etta's image and then out over Olivia's head kind of gave me the creepy shivers.  Of course, I think that I probably read more into every look and nuance Josh gave Peter in this episode because I was trying to see if his Observer was peeking out.

I did love the scene where Walter was counting off his paces and then he took that step and just disappeared.  That was awesome.

The video when he got distracted by the pastries was such a lovely moment for people who have been watching this show all the way through because it was just SO Walter.  It looked to me like Peter, Astrid and Olivia all had tiny endearing smiles when he did that.

I did sort of like Walter being assertive and aggressive telling the trapped man that if he wanted to get out then he would show him.  I didn't think at the time though it meant that it was Ruthless Walter seeping back in.  It was when he made the collateral damage comment I thought, "Uh-oh."  Although I have been wondering when Walter's re-implanted brain parts would catch up.

I was a bit disappointed when Peter and Olivia disappeared into the pocket and just left Astrid outside, but I guess she was serving as the lookout, and poor thing got sucker punched for that too.

This is probably soooo random and unconnected but I noticed that Peter was wearing a hoodie under his jacket at the end of the episode before and when he killed the Observer.  That made me think back to 'Reciprocity' when he was doing the shapeshifter killings.  This episode and the last one made me think about 'Reciprocity' a lot.  That's probably because it was that episode that Dark Peter was so prevelant in.

Although, I do remember him wearing a hoodie in the 1st or second season when he hadn't gone dark.  (I remember it mostly because I watched the gag reel a bunch of times when Josh's phone rings during the scene and he drop kicks it.  I always wondered if that broke his phone.) 

Again, I was probably reading into it but I thought Peter had a weird or menacing look when he told Walter, 'You weren't supposed to leave the lab.'

I was distracted by the camera movement in the scene when Walter, Peter and Olivia are talking about whether Cecil was Donald or not.  It seemed choppy or something, like the editing was weird.  IDK.

It was cool that the doors were marked with the Fringe glyphs ...  I wonder what that means?

You could see how Peter settled into his Observer tech when he was fighting the Observer.  It was like it suddenly started to make sense to him how to move and fight.  When he snapped the Observers neck I actually said, "Ohhhh," out loud.  That was brutal.  I don't want to see Peter keep killing Observers so nonchalantly, but there is definitely something to this side of Peter that is intriguing. 

My friend brought up the parallel between Walter and Peter at the end with both of them slowly changing on the inside and this was my response to that:
God the Peter/Walter scene was so great! I'm so glad you mentioned the parallel there.  I thought there was one, but somehow I got to thinking it was Walter going on a mission years ago to try to get the other Peter at all costs and Peter taking on the world to avenge Etta's death.  After what you mentioned though I totally see how both Walter and Peter are now becoming more in touch with their ruthless sides.

I  had the thought when I was writing this that when Peter called Walter 'Dad,' what if he did that because he thought that was what he was supposed to do?  Thinking that was a proper response to a moment like that.  Because at first I was all, "Awww, he called him Dad."  but what if it meant something completely opposite than what I was thinking?  One good thing is there have been times in the past when Peter was not Observerised he referred to Walter as Dad and he meant it in a loving way.  

One more of the reading into things:  Right before we saw that Peter was seeing in that blue hue it looked like he did an Observer head tilt.  (Really though, what makes an Observer head tilt different than a non-Observer head tilt?)  Did Peter actually smile back at Olivia when she smiled at him?  And did he see something significant during that moment? 

So, everybody, what did you think?   Leave a comment, question or your own thoughts about this episode.  What was your favorite or least favorite moment?  If you try to comment and the blog gives you problems (it can be naughty sometimes) you can email your comment to

The recap for 5x07 is now available.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fringe Recap - "An Origin Story" - Episode 505

Fringe Season 5 Episode 5 Recap
"An Origin Story"
Original Airdate: Friday November 2, 2012
I can honestly say that I did not expect what happened in this episode. I love that, when something happens that I didn't see coming. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
The episode opens with Peter looking at Etta's Fringe Division ID. Then he picks up a little book that also has the Fringe Division symbol on its pages. Etta's picture stares up at him and he runs his thumb across her cheek. Then he turns to where Olivia is sleeping on the bed and holds the picture up, doing what I can only assume is comparing the two. And from our perspective as the viewer the woman in the picture does look almost identical to the one on the bed. Peter places the book into a cardboard box beside him before picking up a hairbrush and passing his thumb across the bristles, just as he did with the picture of his daughter.
He slides open a drawer in the dresser in front of him, squatting down to give the empty space where it came from a closer inspection. One of the panels on the inside of the drawer sways outwards and has a small button in its corner. He presses it and there is a click. A painting on the wall beside him swings away slightly from the wall. He pulls it towards him to reveal a hidden cache of guns and C-4 explosives behind it. "That's my girl," he says with sadness in his voice.
He starts packing the weapons into a duffel bag (reminding me of that black bag he was carrying around in 'Reciprocity', but I guess that could be said for any black duffel bag) and Olivia awakens and sits up behind him. She says every time she wakes up she realizes that what she has been dreaming is not just a nightmare but reality. "Why would we get her back just to lose her again?" Peter doesn't have an answer for her in words so he offers her comfort by touch. He holds her as she rests her forehead on his chest and he kisses her on the top of the head.
I know the circumstances here are terrible, but it's nice to see them touching each other again. I hope that as tragic as Etta's death was that it serves to bring them together and not push them further apart.
In the bathroom, Olivia removes a framed photo of Etta and a brown-haired woman from a shelf. She puts it in a box. I don't know who the woman is.
In Manhattan, New York, the air starts to visibly crackle with blue streaks of energy. The people in the area decide to take cover because even the atmosphere feels off. Several Hummers roll up, with Loyalists and Observers disembarking. Two Loyalists carry a large re-enforced plastic box out into the middle of the street while an Observer makes notations in a journal. The crate is opened and the Observer removes a metal box which he places a few feet from the original container. Over the sound of the wind swirling around there are some beeps and hums heard coming from the device.
The Observer walks away and stands off to the side, joining another one that is waiting. A large black opening appears above the street in front of them. A few seconds pass and then three large white containers float out of it and slam down onto the street with a clang. The hole closes, leaving both sides of the street and the adjacent building scorched as black as it was. (A musical score that reminds me of 'The Imperial March' plays as the boxes come out.)
The original Observer walks over to the first white box and slices into it, creating a flap. (Is Darth Vader going to come out?) He folds it down so he can access what is inside. With a remote-looking device he scans a piece of equipment inside the box. "Integrity is stable. Prepare for transport," he tells Observer Number 2.

Back at the house, Olivia is packing away a few more things. Peter tells Walter that it's time for them to leave. Walter has found a bottle of Etta's perfume, saying he would like to keep it since, "My memory, it fails me, but my sense of smell helps me remember." Peter let's Walter know it's fine for him to hang on to it.
Astrid calls Peter for a video chat. She explains that there is an ambered propane tank and a gallon of Ethanol in close proximity where she needs to retrieve the next tape from and unless they want the whole lab plus Astrid to go 'Boom!' she's going to have to be really careful in the extraction process.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fringe Recap - 504 - The Bullet That Saved the World

Fringe ... Season 5 Episode 4 ... "The Bullet That Saved The World"
Original Airdate - Friday October 26, 2012
I have been seriously slacking on the Season 5 recaps, that is to say if ‘seriously slacking’ means not doing them at all. Tonight's episode though, was just the kick in the ass I needed to get writing again.
It starts with Peter siphoning gas from a car at night. A small fire burns in a trash can in the background behind him. He glances cautiously around while he waits for the gas can to fill. Once he is finished he stops outside a store that has a toy monkey in the window banging cymbals. The corners of his mouth upturn very slightly as he looks at it.
He takes the gasoline into the store with him and makes a bit of small talk with the shop keeper who has a Rastafarian accent. There is a throw pillow there that is embroidered with the phrase: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plan." The shop keeper remarks that it's been there for awhile and perhaps it "hits too close to home."
Peter finds a Simon game and reminisces briefly about how he had one when he was a kid. Peter declines the offer from the clerk who says "I'll give you a good deal, man." Peter steps forward to the counter and says, "Actually, what I'm looking for is a --"
A voice behind him says, "This is what you were looking for." It's an Observer holding out a silver chain, telling Peter that it would look good on the young blond women that he is thinking of.
Peter has his back to the Observer and closes his eyes for a moment as though he is concentrating. The Observer attempts to read his thoughts but they are a jumble of overlapping nonsensical mutterings. The Observer catches "Red Sox" out of the muddled musings and asks Peter what baseball is.
Peter explains that at one time, before you bald assholes came and started polluting everything worse than it already was and melting peoples minds, it was a sport. Well, except he didn't really say the part about bald assholes and the polluting and the melting, but yeah, he wanted to. I could tell.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fringe Merchandise (With Quotes from 2x22, 3x14 and 2x02)

The sci-fi TV show Fringe proves time and again to be a resource for great quotes.  Sometimes they are romantic, sometimes they are snarky and sometimes they are just downright funny. These three designs showcase all of the above.  You can get them on men's and women's t-shirts, hoodies and pajamas or get yourself a mug, iPhone case or sticker.

This design is a quote from Fringe Season 2, Episode 22 (Over There Part 2) when Olivia crossed over into the alternate universe to convince Peter to come back with her.  She said to him, "You belong with me."  Our graphic features that phrase set against the background of a sketched heart.  On the lower right side of the heart are the words:  "Olivia and Peter."

Visit our You Belong With Me Quote section to see all of the products available with this design.

This design says:  "Dear God - Is it second guess everything I do day?  Because I haven't been informed."  This was a sarcastic comment that Walter Bishop made in Fringe Season 3, Episode 14 ("6B") when he got frustrated with Astrid.  This would make a great gift for someone who's a fan of Walter or just feels that they get no respect.

See our entire selection of items with this design in our Second Guess Everything Quote  section.

This hilarious text only design says:  "Science is patience." in blue letters.  Under that in red wording it reads:  "It's also slimy."  These quotes were taken from a conversation that Walter had with Astrid Farnsworth during the Fringe episode "Night of Desirable Objects"  (2x02).

It is pictured here on a dark tee but you can check out our Science Is Patience Quote section to view all of the merchandise this is available on.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fringe Panel at Comic-Con 2012

Thanks to the magic of YouTube and a nice person who decided to share their video now we can all enjoy the Fringe Panel from Comic-Con 2012.

FRINGE Panel Comic-Con 2012 (Video) Anna Torv Funny Comment

At this year's Fringe Panel at Comic-Con Anna Torv innocently answered the question, "What is the greatest lesson Olivia has taught you?"  Her response was met with a chorus of whoops and hollers from the audience and laughter from the cast due to the suggestive nature of her phrasing.

Fringe Panel Comic Con 2012 (Video) Cast Gets Emotional

I haven't been able to find a video of the whole Fringe Panel yet but I've found a few short ones.  This one is the cast getting teary as they talk about the final season.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic Con Roundtable Video with Josh Jackson

It's Comic Con time again people!!  I unfortunately am not there but you can bet I will be living vicariously through the various videos and snippets that are sure to pop up around the interwebs.

This particular video is of an uncensored (Yay!) roundtable discussion with several actors and actresses, one of which is my beloved Joshua Jackson.  He talks fan encounters, a teensy bit about the upcoming final season of Fringe and how he was skeptical about his Dawson's Creek audition.

It's a little over an hour long, but totally worth taking the time to watch.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Promo Video for Fringe "The Box" 3x02

Yes, this video is extremely old but I needed a Fringe fix and I remembered this video.  Not all of it made it to air, which is too bad, because Peter saying, "And that would be a problem because?" is all kinds of hot.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

FRINGE - Noble Intentions: "Brave New World"

I finally got around to watching this video.  John Noble cleared up something I was questioning about the finale.  I had been wondering what Bell meant by saying "I am." after his playing God speech to Walter.  John Noble says that Bell was implying that he was God.  I enjoy seeing John Noble's take on the episodes.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fringe Recap - Brave New World Part 2 - 4x22

Fringe ... Season 4 Episode 22 ... Brave New World Part 2
Original Airdate Friday, May 11, 2012
As usual this episode managed to pack more emotions and feelings ending in 'ness into an hour than should be legal. There was sadness, happiness, funniness, grossness, freakiness, craziness, badassedness, universe hoppingness, sweetness, joyfulness, angriness, unbelieveableness, awesomeness and epicness. I'm sure I left some out.
The show opens with William and Belly standing in the middle of a lush field with mountains in the distance and large creatures grazing on the grass. It looks like some of the Porcupine Hybrids are flying through the sky. This would all be very Jurassic Park awesome-like if we didn’t already know that Belly was planning to destroy two universes so this one will survive. Bell says, “The Bible tells us God created his universe in seven days. It’s taken me considerably longer.” If Bell is expecting mad props from Walter he is sadly mistaken.
The outdoor image fades around them to show they are actually standing in a regular room. Bell was just giving Walter a preview of his FreakVerse, they weren’t really there.
Walter starts to try to tell Bell that this plan of his shouldn’t be carried out. Bell patiently explains that it’s too late, everything is already in motion and there’s no stopping it now.
Bell insists that it was divine intervention that brought Walter to him after all these years. I’m sure Walter catching up to him had nothing to o do with DRJ and Bell managing to cross the Fringe Division’s path at every turn lately. And even though Walter may have lost some of his marbles, the man is still a freaking genius and could tell Bell’s “signature” formula. Bell’s quite tickled with his "Divine Intervention" theory, but Walter just looks flabbergasted.
Olivia and Peter arrive at the lab in Harvard calling out for Walter, but getting no answer. The lab looks almost empty, I don’t remember ever seeing it with so little going on. Olivia leaves a message on Astrid’s voicemail asking for her to call her back. Peter's right arm is in a sling, recovering from the injuries he received from Jones. (Good thing our boy is left handed.)
Peter finds Walter’s abandoned Lemon Pig Brain Cortexiphan cake and says, “Whatever Walter was baking it didn’t turn out too hot.” I’m just very glad Peter didn’t decide to taste it, but I guess by now he’s learned his lesson. Peter thinks maybe they went out to breakfast and offers to get Olivia a cup of coffee from the pot he’s started.
She realizes that she’s about to make Slingy McSlingerson make her coffee when probably he should be the one to be waited on. She goes to the coffee pot and takes over the task.
Peter tries to get her to talk about the “Jedi mind trick you pulled on me back on the roof.” But she doesn’t want to talk about it, saying it was the Cortexiphan. She does agree to undergo some Walter-tests whenever he surfaces.
Olivia’s *Sprint* phone rings with the ID showing Private Caller. When she answers it’s Jessica Holt, saying she thinks someone’s been following her. Olivia tells her to lock everything down and sit tight. While Jessica is talking to Olivia the camera shows a suit clad man from behind, standing in the background of Jessica's apartment. After Jessica hangs up it is shown that it is September. Jessica appears to not know that he is there and walks off into another room. September takes a few steps in her direction but stops short, looking down to see he is standing on a glowing piece of floor that has markings on it that look like and Os and Xs. Awww, someone's giving September hugs and kisses. Sadly, I don't think that's what is happening as now September seems unable to move from the spot he is standing on.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FRINGE - "Brave New World" Extended Movie Trailer

It's almost here and the Season 4 Fringe finale looks like it promises to be one of the best ever.  I wish this were a real movie trailer.  Can you imagine watching Fringe on "the big screen?"  Whoa. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fringe Recap - Brave New World Part 1 - 4x21

Fringe Season 4 Episode 21 - Brave New World Part 1 ... original airdate Friday May 4, 2012
I'm trying to stop watching the preview for next week's Fringe long enough to do this recap. I think I've watched it five times already hoping to glean a clue of some sort between all the snippets.
Tonight's episode ... wait for it ... was mind-blowing. I don't know how often I say that about this show, but each and every time I do I mean it. I'm still reeling a little from the events of tonight.
It starts in a building in Boston. People are gliding down the escalator, no one really stands out. I cannot put my finger on it, but there is something about the background music of this scene ... it's calm but it gave me a weird feeling. But of course that weird feeling could just be attributed that I'm settling in to watch Fringe, or the pizza I ate earlier. But whatev.
A man walks up to get some coffee from the booth in the middle of the place. Behind him is a sign that says Clane Center. The barista recognizes him on sight and already knows what he wants. While it is being made he pays with a nifty little app from his **Sprint** phone. (Ahem, product placement, in the first two minutes no less. That's okay though because I think it would've been subliminal except that I happened to pause the picture right when he was looking at it and I can clearly read Sprint. Very Clever.)
He gets his coffee and takes the escalator down, walking down the last few steps as people are prone to do. Go figure, someone creates a machine so you don't have to use the stairs and people still step down them. I wonder why they don't just use the regular stairs. Do they really save that much extra time, like those people who inch forward at a red traffic light, do you really arrive earlier at your destination because of that. (Hmm, apparently I feel strongly about this subject.)
He leaves the building, sipping his coffee as he walks out. He takes a couple strides before he gets a confused look on his face. He drops his coffee cup and falls to his knees. Right before he faceplants into the concrete the two women near him see that smoke is coming out of his mouth and nose. Damn, that must've been some hot coffee. McDonald's has got nothin' on this place.
Several other people around them start collapsing and spewing puffs of smoke also. One woman's lips char to a crusty black right before she succumbs.
One of the two unaffected (so far) women says to the other, "Don't move, I think when they move, they die. Nobody move."
I know I didn't move all through the credit sequence. I wasn't taking any chances.
Next, one of my favorite types of scenes. Olivia and Peter in bed together. No artsy blue stuff though, they appear to be looking for a place to move into. Olivia exercises her veto rights a couple times before Peter finds one that sounds a little more acceptable.
This one has a dog run and a fireplace in the bedroom. Peter reveals that since he was allergic to dogs when he was a kid Walter made their Lab non-allergenic. Olivia asks if it has a nursery. Peter says, "Nursery?" while he searches her face. She only locks eyes with him and repeats herself. He starts smiling while she leans toward him. Then of course the inevitable happens, as it always does when our leads are about to either confess something important or get it on or as in this case probably a combination of the two, the phone rings. So they both turn away from each other to grab their phones (I think they accidentally loaded a cock block app on their phones. Think about through the history of the show how many times this has happened.) The question of the moment was never answered either. Soooo ... is she or isn't she? Was that a major hint? Or just some just-in-case future thinking?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fringe Recap - Worlds Apart - 4x20

Fringe ... Worlds Apart ... Season 4 Episode 20 ... Original Airdate Friday April 27, 2012

I am still basking in the afterglow of epicness that this episode left me in.

We are back in 2012 for this episode. Walter is all snazzed up in a nice jacket and tie to go head up a meeting with his team and the key players of the Other Side. In attendance are Peter, Broyles, Olivia, Lincoln, Walternate and AltLivia. I briefly wondered where Colonel Broyles was during this meeting when I remembered he must still be in the pokey for being a traitor. I'm wondering why the Astrids weren't in on the meeting?
Walter says that he believes that "Jones is trying to collapse our universes in order to create a gravitational singularity." With the help of a slide projector Walter explains "as our worlds contract, the force becomes greater and greater and as matter and energy compress to a point the density is so great that it has no recourse but to rapidly expand outwards again, creating a Big Bang. Mutual destruction of our side and yours." (I tried to paraphrase that but gave up after three false starts.)

Walter thinks that Jones is trying to create a universe that is all his own, one where he controls all laws of physics and nature. Basically Jones has one giant God Complex. After Walter mentions that he stumbled upon this theory during a dream, his credibility balloon starts to deflate. The most unlikely of all allies comes to his defense in Walternate who speaks up and says "given what we know about Jones' actions so far, what Dr. Bishop suggests should not be overlooked."
Walternate's gaze in this scene was so heavy. Whether it's all the turmoil he is facing or has faced, I don't know. His right eye looked like it was closed also, not sure if that was a trick of the lighting or if that's a John Noble trick to differentiate their characteristics.
Peter just has to go and ask doesn't he? He wants to know how Jones would make this happen. We are then taken to Sydney, Australia where a young woman stands consulting a map, then she checks a watch-like device on her arm that is showing a countdown.
In Beijing, China a man consults a map and checks his matching timer. This action repeats in The Himalayas in Nepal. Each subsequent check of the timer devices shows the countdown getting lower and lower.
In Manhattan, New York a young man hops out of a cab with 20 seconds left to go. In all the locations the human time bombs stake out their spot and then close their eyes and start to concentrate. Their veins collectively bulge and just when I think their heads might explode the ground under and around them starts shaking as tremors wrack the areas they are in.
That was our teasing opener and now it's time for the credits.

Friday, April 27, 2012

FRINGE - Season Five Video

This video is awesome and gives us some teasers as to what will be coming up in Fringe Season 5.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Official - Fringe Renewed For Season 5

The news came out today ... Fringe has been renewed for 13 episodes for Season 5.  It is a relief to many in the Fringedom to find this out as we've all been on edge waiting for the announcement.  This will bring the series to the coveted 100 episode mark which will allow for future syndication. 

So everybody get ready to see what kind of mind-blowing, epic, probably disgusting stuff that Fringe has in store for us coming up!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fringe Recap - Letters of Transit 4x19

Fringe Season 4 Episode 19 ... Letters of Transit ... Original Airdate Friday April 20, 2012
This episode of Fringe starts with some back story scrolling up the screen. It foretells of a bleak future and what happened to make it be that way. The beings that have always been referred to as Observers remained true to their name, only watching key events in human history until 2015.
In 2015 they were no longer content to just watch events unfold before them and they took over. Although there were citizen revolts they led nowhere and resulted in much bloodshed. The people who made it through this period were dubbed "Natives."
Some of the Natives, after they swore their allegiance to the Observers, were given markings and branded as "Loyalists."
The original Fringe team fought against the Observer takeover but they were not able to overcome them.
Afterwards, the Fringe Division was cut down to lower numbers and their surviving function was to police the Natives.
The resistance was short lived.


Or was it?
In Boston 2036 a young blond haired woman raps on a door in a back alleyway. A man answers her knock and upon seeing her he greets her with "Agent," swinging the door outwards so she may enter the building.
She descends a staircase slowly looking inconspicuously around at the other occupants in the room. A vast majority of them are men who are pale, bald and dressed in dark colored suits. One of them is sitting in a chair and as a lady walks by him he forcefully grabs her arm and jerks her into his lap.
Another man walks over to the encounter he just witnessed. He does not have Observer qualities. He tells Mr. Handsy that his girl has another shift. Apparently the Observers have been "borrowing" the ladies at this Studio 54 for Observers and must not be returning them.
The seated Observer jumps up and flings his lady friend back into the chair. When he turns to face the other man he receives a punch in the gut and doubles over. Two men dressed in green military type uniforms run over and wrangle the guy who is getting out of hand. They both have writing in an unknown language on their right cheekbones so this marks them as Loyalists.
An older Observer by the name of Captain Windmark comes over and states that the Native is agitated. The Native furthers solidifies his remark by spitting in his face.
The Observer fixes him with a stare and the Native begins to tremble and his eyes seem to bulge out. Blood drips down the side of his neck. Suddenly there is a goopy sound and then the side of his neck is covered with blood. He slumps forward, being held up by the Loyalists.
The blond agent comes into view behind him and apologizes for his behavior. The Observer doesn't seem pleased about what just happened but the agent reminds him that since the man is a Native he is her jurisdiction and besides that if he is wiped there is a lot of paperwork involved and less kick backs for her.

He starts to give her the stink eye but when he tries to read her thoughts he just says, "I must say Agent, you are always exactly as you seem."
She takes the Native and they leave the club. He regains some of his composure outside in the alleyway, and through the conversation that takes place it appears that the Observers are not able to read what this Agent is really thinking, only what she wants them to hear.
The Native called her there to show her something and he leads her to the back of a van. She looks under a covering in the van and is surprised by what she sees underneath. The Native tells her that there were two more at the place where this one was, a younger man and woman but they couldn't all be moved at once. He is starting to tell her where the other two are when a popping sound is heard behind him and blood spews on the Agent's face. He collapses in the street. She grabs his keys and drives the van away.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fringe Live Tweet Along During "Letters of Transit" (4x19)

Fringe producers Jeff Pinkner (@JPFRINGE) and Joel Wyman (@JWFRINGE) will be on Twitter tweeting with the Fringe fandom during this week's episode, "Letters of Transit" - Season 4 Episode 19.  They will be on during both the East and West Coast feeds. 

Remember to watch Fringe Live at 9:00 PM on Fox Friday April 20th. 

Video: John Noble Talks About "The Consultant" - Season 4 Episode 18

Fringe Cast Talks About Letters of Transit - Season 4 Episode 19

Fringe always brings something a little extra mind-blowing to the table for the 19th episodes of it's seasons.  This year looks just as likely to melt our brains with "Letters of Transit."  In this video the cast talks about this upcoming episode.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Still Waiting for News about Fringe Season 5

In regards to whether Fringe has been renewed for Season 5 --

Joel Wyman tweeted late last night (or early this morning depending on your time zone)

We might hear something tomorrow. I know you're all anxious.

Kind of just like a Fringe episode, leaving us restless and wanting to know more as soon as possible.  Fitting in a way.  For me it's become of those I want to know but do I really want to know issues.  If the answer is Yes then of course I want to know.  If not, I think I would like to continue trudge that tried and true path of ignorance is bliss.  Albeit anxiety-inducing, fingernail chomping, suspense filled "bliss."

UPDATE:  Fringe was renewed for a 13 episode run for its Season 5.  This will be the final season.

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Fringe - Everything In It's Right Place Recap (4x17)

My apologies for the lateness of this recap.

Everything In Its Right Place ... Season 4 Episode 17 ... Fringe ... Original Airdate Friday April 6, 2012

This week on Fringe we learn that Gene has S.A.D. which is Seasonal Affective Disorder. Sort of a depression-like state due to not being outside in the sunshine. Gene shouldn't be depressed though because she is the bovine who's the most fine as she rocks her FBI blanket, hat and sweet ass combat boots. Peter Walter, and Olivia talk in hushed tones as they explain to Lincoln that it's "Grazing Day" and they are taking Gene to her favorite pasture out in Warwick.
Olivia presents Lincoln with something she found in her apartment and is unsure of why she had it in the first place. It's a Native American token that Lincoln's now deceased partner, Robert Danzig, gave him a long time ago. It has a round quarter sized object attached to a piece of braided leather. Engraved on the object are swirls that symbolize a maze with a person at the edge. The maze itself is representative of the trials and tribulations of life's journey, illustrating that if you make the right choices you will eventually find your way to the center of the maze, and the center of the maze is symbolic of being home.
Robert had given this to Lincoln after they became partners because as Lincoln says, "Danzig knew I was never much for putting down roots. I never really stayed in the same place too long. He used to joke that if I kept living like that that one day I would float off into space." So in order to let Lincoln know that he would always belong and be accepted by Robert and his family Robert gave him the token. Robert referred to it as Lincoln's tether.
After one of Lincoln's early cases with the Fringe Division, after Olivia had saved his life, Lincoln passed the charm on to her as a thank you and a reminder of their friendship. However, Olivia remembers none of that now, which is yet another kick in the head to poor Lincoln's inner stability.
The somber moment is broken (for Olivia anyway) when Walter calls her over to tell her that Gene's anxiously waiting.
Lincoln is thankfully distracted when Astrid comes in lugging two boxes of case files and he goes to help her with them. The Other Side wants to be debriefed on all the information This Side has on David Robert Jones. Astrid has been picked to go since not all of Olivia's memory cylinders are functioning. The unexpected foray Over There is causing Astrid to have to postpone some plans she had made with her father.
Lincoln, disheartened at the prospect of getting a blow by blow recount of Grazing Day later offers to go in Astrid's place. At first Broyles resists, but after realizing that Lincoln needs some away he decides to let him go.
Next we universe hop and are in Belmont, New York. This has been confusing me a little the entire season. In all the other seasons when we universe jumped the little flash would help to distinguish where our destination was. This season it seems like when we go Over There there is a blue flash, and now honestly I'm not sure what it does when we come back here. But I wonder why it flashes blue for the other side? This being Fringe I'm sure there is a reason.
It's night, it's been raining., a woman exits an elevator into a nearly deserted open parking area. Anyone want to place bets on something bad about to go down because this is the perfect recipe for trouble. The woman walks over to her vehicle and just as she gets to it she drops her keys. She retrieves them and a voice behind her says, "Hi." It's a man and they stare each other down for a moment before she tries to run. He grabs her and hauls her back to him. She manages to sock him in the face and split his lip. He's not happy now. She's on the ground and he pulls out a knife and approaches her. He gets a fist full of hair and leans over her but she sees something over his shoulder that scares her worse than her present situation.
He turns and silhouetted by the light behind it is a being about the height of a human with white scraggly hair. It grabs the man by his shirt front and lifts him into the air. My mind works in mysterious ways and this reminded me so much of the scene in Scrooged when Frank Cross's dead boss holds him out the window. However, this time our villain (meaning the would-be woman attacker) doesn't get dropped off a skyscraper. The unknown thing tosses him to the ground before leaning threateningly over him as the woman escapes.
Perfect time for the Fringe credits, don't you think?

Fringe - The Consultant Recap (4x18)

Fringe Season 4 Episode 18 ... The Consultant ... Original Airdate Friday April 13, 2012
It is a rainy day on the Other Side as Captain Lincoln Lee is laid to rest. Our Agent Lee and AltAstrid watch the proceedings from inside a car at the graveyard. Astrid shares with Lincoln that she doesn't like funerals because "I never know what I'm supposed to say." Lincoln assures her that at the time of someone's death there really are no right words to say.

Lincoln's flag draped casket is carried to what will be his final resting place as Liv promises his grieving parents that justice will be found. Colonel Broyles looks stoic and sad.
Later back at the Fringe Division in Manhattan, Liv is now with Nina in her jail cell. She is offering to help Nina plea bargain her sentence down if she will give up some information on who David Robert Jones's mole at the DOD is. Nina refuses to sign the offer Liv has brought to her.
When Liv tells Nina that DRJ's little ring of cronies will be brought down and "will find themselves rotting in a cell, just like you." Nina sneers at her telling her not to worry her pretty little red head because soon there's going to be bigger fish to fry, she's confident she won't be caught up in jail very long and "it's your world you ought be concerned about, because as bad as you think things are now, things are gonna get much worse."
There's a flash and now we are in the Amberverse. In an office in Manhattan a meeting is being held in which an angry man, Mr. Bowers* is reaming out one of his employees for not having a presentation done on time which caused him and a colleague to not board the plane they were supposed to. He starts to say, "It should come as no surprise to anyone in this room, especially you Mr. Dellman* you're fi--"
[* I don't know if these names are right.]
Suddenly his body flies up in the air and he is plastered face first to the ceiling. Imagine The Exorcist meets The Apprentice, except Donald Trump never did stunts like that. As the rest of the people in the room watch his body jerks around a bit as he yells for someone to get him down. Then with a thud, he lands on his back half on and half off the table. His ankles look like they have been shoved up through the bottom parts of his shins and he is completely still.
Hello Fringe Credits.
Walter and Astrid arrive on the scene with Walter sniping at Astrid about her driving skills. He tells her "most automobile fatalities occur driving between work and home." She replies back, "Yeah, so does most driving."
"Ascot" is saved from more lecturing when Walter sees Peter and Olivia walking over. As the original Polivia shipper (although he forgot he was for awhile) he is deliriously happy that Peter and Olivia have been spending time together.
Astrid brings back the focus to the case at hand by asking for the details. Olivia explains that in the office building they are about to enter there were two deaths. Both victims were lifted up into the air and then thrown back to the ground whereupon they died on impact. The witnesses said these actions were caused by some unseen force.
I'm not sure where the second victim came into play because we weren't shown that, but as the team examines the bodies they are in the same room. Walter is looking at Mr. Bowers's body and notes that most of the lower half of his body has been shattered, with his spinal column being shoved up through his torso. The injuries seem to be consistent with what would be sustained during an impact. But to cause the type of bodily harm they are seeing the fall would've had to been from a height much greater than just the ceiling of the room. When pondering why only two men from out of the whole building were affected Walter quotes Romans 1:18 "The wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all unrighteous men."
Both bodies have matching red marks across their stomachs which in any other circumstances would make it seem as though the two men were showing signs of seat belt constriction marks. Olivia comes over to say that Broyles has given her some more info and there's another body to add to the list. This person was in an apartment building in Brooklyn and the time of death and the details of the case all match what they are looking at now. To add to the mysteriousness the newest member of the death by unknown reason club was a pilot.
When he hears this Walter says that the injuries in front of him coincide with what would be seen in the event of a plane crash. Peter says, "Walter, how could these people have been in a plane crash if neither of them was in a plane?" Walter concurs, "Well, there is that." I'm sure that question had to be asked, but sometimes it surprises me that things like this surprise the Fringe team anymore. I guess when the day comes that they don't question that kind of stuff will be the day it's time for new agents. Maybe that's what happens when the series ends.
Walter spends a moment looking at the reflection of himself in the television that's mounted on the wall and apparently it triggers something in his genius brain because he says, "I might have an idea."
We flash to Over There and in Col. Broyles's office AltAstrid confirms that per the request of the Amberverse Side she checked and there was a plane that crashed right after take off on their side. The casualties were two men and the pilot. Liv comes in and Broyles sends Astrid off to get custody of the bodies.
Liv hands Broyles an iPad looking device and tells him that she has come up with 108 names of possible people who could be the leak to Jones. Broyles seems hesitant to act on Liv's wishes of running background checks and surveillance on these people because of their ranking and because of all the red tape involved. Then after a moment he sighs a little and says, "I'll cut through it."
Broyles tells Liv that in the meantime he needs her to go pick up some of the Fringe Division from the Other Side (The Other Side in this instance being the Amberverse, it makes sense when watching and I'm hoping it's not confusing when being written out.) The plane that crashed was carrying the doppelgangers of the people who just died over in the Amberverse so the two Fringe Divisions are going to work together to figure out what is going on.
After she leaves he looks at the information she left him and seems pensive. To be fair, Broyles always seems pensive about something.
At Liberty Island in the Amberverse Olivia is getting ready to take Walter across through the bridge room. Even though they are just essentially walking through a door Walter makes sure to empty his bladder first as "it's better safe than sorry."
The admitting officer asks Walter a few questions ending with, "Are you on any medications?" Walter smiles as he answers, "Several. Mostly recreational." Afterwards he and Olivia are scanned through and they enter the bridge room.
Olivia offers to stay with Walter during his time in the alternate universe but Walter says he will be fine, citing that Peter will need Olivia's help examining the bodies and throwing in that the two lovebirds (Peter and Olivia) could use some time alone. Then he says, "Thank you, for trusting me. This is a really big step for me." I'm so glad that Walter is no longer the withdrawn agoraphobic that he was when this season first started.
AltLiv and OurLincoln (just to add more confusion to the "Ours", "Theirs", "OverHere", "OverThere" conundrum) come to pick up Walter. Walter calls AltLiv his escort but clarifies that he doesn't mean prostitute.
Olivia and Lincoln have a short conversation about AltLivia's well-being with Lincoln saying considering the circumstances the is doing as well as can be expected and wants to get answers. Here I had a bit of a revelation, for me anyway. Smarter people probably realized it way before now. Skip the next paragraph if you just want recap and not revelation details.
I realized that Lincoln can probably relate to AltLivia a whole lot better now since he lost Robert and she's lost her Lincoln. Originally he was relating to Olivia because they had similar pasts because she had lost John. This revised version of Olivia also lost John in the past but I'm still not quite sure of how the details about that settle into the big puzzle and plus part (or most) of Olivia's emptiness is being filled in with warm and fuzzy Peter feelings. And yes, you can read whatever double entendres into the words emptiness and warm and fuzzy in the previous sentence that you would like.
On the pier of Liberty Island there is an electronic board flashing names of areas with the words Red or Green beside them. Liv explains to Walter that it shows where the damage is the worst. Walter contemplates this for a moment with a sad look and Liv says, "It's getting better though. The bridge is helping to heal our world."
The checker-inner at the pier gives Liv his condolences on Lincoln's death. Walter pipes up that he was going to bring a casserole because during times of grief people need to eat, but food is something that is on the not allowed list when crossing universes.
Walter mentions that even though he and Belly did some experimental things involving the two universes they never did anything like what's happening now. Liv brings up the possibility of these events being engineered by a person, specifically David Robert Jones. In true Walter fashion he agrees that "anything's possible, even Santa Claus."
With the help of a few tests he runs using tuning forks, one of the dead victims from Liv's side, and the severed hand of one of the victims from his side (severed body parts are allowed to cross the universal plane, just not perishables) Walter concludes that Liv's universe vibrates at a 'G'. The hand from the Amberverse also vibrates at a 'G'. However, the two universes normally vibrate at different frequencies with the Amberverse's usually being 'C'. In the case of the victims in the office and apartment buildings on Walter's side they were somehow made to vibrate at a 'G' so when the plane crashed on one side the people in both universes were effected.
They decide to listen to the recording of the cockpit chatter going on before the crash. It turns out that Over There planes don't have black boxes but all airplane communications are recorded by satellites. The transmission confirms that shortly after takeoff the airplane underwent some kind of electrical disturbance and then crashed. I think the pilot says an electrical disturbance but the recording is garbled.

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Fringe Recap - Nothing As It Seems (4x16)

Fringe ... Season 4 Episode 16 ... Nothing As It Seems
This episode is a throwback to Season One's episode The Transformation. (Episode 1x13) The beginning has some differences. The pilot advises them that they will remain in flight a bit longer as they are trying to avoid turbulent weather. An announcement says the staff will be coming around to offer snacks for $5.00 a pop and advising that if you left home without your American Express your screwed because they don't accept cash.
A man scribbles notes onto a sheet of paper. His nose starts to bleed, dripping tiny scarlet puddles on his handiwork. The older lady beside him tells him about an old wives tale to stop bloody noses that had to do with putting keys on your back. I don't even understand what that means truthfully. Which I guess doesn't matter because she says after testing it herself she can tell him it doesn't work. He excuses himself off to the restroom.
In the bathroom he pulls out a vial of liquid that he had concealed in a small zippered case. He runs a cotton swab along his tongue and the inside of his cheeks, then dips it into the liquid and swirls it around. The contents inside begin to turn red.
He leaves the restroom and finds a flight attendant, interrupting her while she is helping someone else. When she doesn't respond quickly enough to his polite request of her attention, he snaps, "No, now!" But then he tacks on a quiet, "Please," at the end, so it's all good again.
She talks with him in the back and he says he's got some problems that he can't explain, due to both time and authority. He says he needs as many sedatives and tranquilizers from the other passengers as possible. Thinking he is on the edge of a panic attack the flight attendant tries to get him to take a deep breath. The man replies with, "This isn't a panic attack. This is real. We will die, all of us, if you don't do what I say." The other flight attendant reminds him that it's a no-no to talk about such things while in flight.
His nose starts to bleed again and he sequesters himself to the bathroom. Before doing so he tells the male flight attendant to get the drugs, bring them back there and knock. However, if there is no response, or if there is a response but he no longer looks like himself the door is to be kept closed.
The female flight attendant gets the captain on the phone with her portion of the conversation being, "Yes sir, but I think forty minutes is too long." From the lavatory there are loud thumping and rattling sounds interspersed with cries of anguish that echo around the plane.
The female flight attendant announces to the cabin, "Ladies and Gentleman, we have a passenger that's having a hard time." Sounds like the understatement of the century. I'm sure they are all hoping that they didn't have the same in-flight meal as he did.
The Air Marshal goes to the door of the bathroom and advises the man that he will have to come in. The noises on the other side of the door stop and the occupied sign flips over to vacant. The door opens and the man peeps out, no worse for wear than when he originally went in.
The next scene has him in some kind of conference room speaking to TSA officials at an airport. The man explains his behavior on the plane as a panic attack because he is terrified of flying. One of the officials starts to search his luggage which makes him uncomfortable and he says, "Don't you have to ask permission before you do that?" The other man replies, "Not since Bush 2."
As they begin searching his bag he doubles over and his nose starts bleeding again. He once again retires to the nearby bathroom. The search of his suitcase turns up a black zippered pouch full of vials with solutions and syringes. The two TSA officers conclude that it is drugs and their boy in the bathroom is going through withdrawal.
In the bathroom, the type of withdrawal this man is going through consists of his teeth falling out and plinking down into the sink along with drooling blood from his mouth. Then as he hunches over to the floor numerous quills sprout out from his back tearing holes in his sensible button down shirt. Drycleaners going to have a hell of a time fixing that.
The teeth falling out part skeeved me out more than the spikes shooting up. I didn't even see any teeth, it was just the noise they made. Heebie Jeebies.
One of the officers gets on the phone to call the police, telling the person on the other end that these drugs were none like he's seen before. At right about that time the bathroom door comes exploding outward, with splintered pieces flying everywhere. In the doorway stands a creature that looks like something that escaped from a radioactive lagoon. That scene actually made me jump, it was perfectly timed.
Now for the opening credits. I saw on Twitter that some people speculated that the credits might be back to blue this week, but they are not. I personally think that even though Peter is "home" that it's still an altered timeline so they do deserve their own background color.

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Videos for Fringe Cast & Producer Panel at Wondercon 2012

Thankfully a nice individual uploaded the video they took of the Fringe Panel at Wondercon this year.  The cast and producers are hilarious and insightful (well as insightful as they are allowed to be) and as always it's great to watch them talk about the show.  Josh Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown, Seth Gable, Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner were in attendance.  Unfortunately Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick were not.

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A Video With Some of the Funniest Walter Moments

Fringe Recap - A Short Story About Love (Season 4 Episode 15) Recap

Fringe ... 4x15 ... A Short Story About Love ... Original Airdate Fri. March 23, 2012

This episode begins with Olivia and Nina having breakfast together at a restaurant. Olivia tells Nina that despite everyone telling her it is impossible she has realized that she is in love with Peter. She doesn't buy into Walter's theory that it's her channeling Peter's thoughts via Cortexiphan related abilities since she has memories of things that Peter never knew.
Nina assures Olivia that in time she will feel better. When Olivia quips that she wishes time would move faster, Nina says, "Well, that's a coincidence because we just filed a patent on that last week." Oh Massive Dynamic, how you never cease to amaze me.
When Olivia remarks to Nina that they should meet like this more often, Nina's smile fades into a look of concern as she informs Olivia that they normally get together for breakfast like this every Saturday and that they were in fact at this very location last week, but Olivia doesn't remember. She tells Nina she will talk to Walter about it.
Elsewhere, a woman enters her apartment and plays the message that is on her answering machine. The disembodied voice tells her that the funeral service was nice and to call if she needs anything. While the message plays the scene changes to a man who is dabbing some liquid from a cologne tube onto his neck. As we get a better view of him his face looks to be badly scarred, almost as if he were in a fire.
The message ends and the woman turns on the light. As she turns around she comes face to face with the man who had been in her apartment the whole time, lurking in the shadows. When he doesn't answer her inquiries about who he is and what he wants, she bolts but he catches her. After he grabs her he gently caresses her face and she starts to calm down. As she looks at him it's almost as if a sense of recognition comes over her. When he leans in and kisses her, she returns the kiss willingly. Then just as quickly the moment passes and she starts to struggle again.
He pulls out some plastic wrap and quickly covers her face with it, passing it around her head a time or two until he's effectively cut off her air supply. She suffocates and falls to the floor with her eyes still open and staring ahead. Death by Saran Wrap always bothers me. Death by any kind of loss of air bothers me but I think Saran Wrap might be up there on my list of want-to-look-away-from-the-screen death scenes. Maybe something about it being clear and you can see through it, ugh, I don't know.
The man then bends down and takes swabs of the side of her neck and palms of her hands with Q-tips before slipping them into a vial labeled "Jane Hall Sample." He stands up and walks away and the Fringe credits roll.
Olivia greets Walter at the lab where he gives her a warm hug telling her that he is glad she has arrived. Olivia questions him to see if everything is okay, to which he responds, "I've run out of M&Ms." He shows her a device he had ordered online that is basically a surveillance camera under the guise of a cuddly little teddy bear. Like a Nanny-cam. He originally got it to keep an eye on the cleaning crew but it turns out that his nosy little friend captured September's adventure and subsequent disappearing act that occurred in the lab.
Astrid arrives with a highly classified machine in tow that will allow Walter to slow down the recording enough that even light particles will be detectable. He says to the agent that accompanied Astrid, "Now come on Tommy, let's see what we can find on that tape." This, I believe, is the same agent from episode Neither Here Nor There that was posted outside of the door whose name is actually Tim, but Walter has a tendency to call him Tommy.
Astrid checks on Olivia to make sure she is doing okay and Olivia says that although she came in to talk with Walter she will wait because he is currently otherwise engaged. From the back Walter hits two for two and yells for "Astro," and she dutifully goes off to assist him.
Olivia gets a call from Broyles and she, Astrid and Lincoln go meet him at Jane Hall's apartment. It turns out this is the second homicide within a month where the common denominators were the victims having bruise-like marks on their necks and having been recent widowers of husbands whose bodies were found completely dehydrated in fields. The dark smudges on their necks are not contusions at all, but a skin reaction to a substance that the killer had on their hands. As if that wasn't weird enough, both the murder victims had traces of their dead husbands DNA on them, making it seem as if their spouses rose from beyond to carry out the killings.
Back at the lab Walter is watching the Teddy Bear Tape in super-duper-duper slo-mo. In the background there is a television with an episode of Scooby Doo on. He sees something in the video that prompts him to breathe out an "Oh my."
He gets Peter on the phone, who informs him he is taking Walter's advice and getting the hell out of Dodge and more so the hell away from Olivia. He is headed to a bus station to motor off to New York. Walter sadly, with a tinge of indignation says, "Well, you didn't tell me." I love the 180 of Walter since Peter arrived. He went from absolutely not giving a damn - which quite honestly I believe was more about self-preservation than anything else - to actual care and concern. Walter informs Peter that he needs to come back to the lab because it is possible the Observer did a vague "something" to Peter's eye.
Peter goes back to the lab and he and Walter watch the video together. Peter remarks "Whatever he did, it wasn't seen by the other Observers." Walter looks quickly at Peter and says, "All I care about is what he's done to you." I knew there was more evidence to my earlier rambling about Walter caring about Peter, that's it right there.
Peter is leaned back in a chair as Walter puts together some things that will help him check out Peter's eye. While Walter works he and Peter talk about his interrupted trip to New York. Walter says he admires Peter for doing the right thing and confesses that he doesn't think that he would've been able to follow the same path had their roles been reversed. Peter asks him, "Is that your way of thanking me for taking your advice?" Walter replies, "It's a particularly obtuse way to admit that you are a better man than I." He turns away as Peter says "na eínai kalýtero ánthropo apó ton patéra sou." Walter recognizes it as Greek and Peter translates it to its English equivalent, "Be a better man than your father." He says it's something that he was told long ago, but in the here and now it is strange for him to hear Walter voice it.
Walter then carefully plucks something off of Peter's pupil with tweezers. Tweezers, pluck off of and pupil should never be included in the same sentence. Walter notices that the small parcel has writing on it. Upon closer examination the wording on the object says 228 ½ Morrow Street. Walter believes by a process called Organic Ocular Suggestion the chip would've eventually dissolved and carried its message into Peter's brain, drawing him to visit this address, although he did not have a foundation for wanting to do so.
Some men arrive with Jane Hall's body so Walter can begin examining her to see if he can come up with any clues to the reason for her demise.
The scene changes to the killer, now clad in a white outfit with a shower cap on his head. He climbs into a circular chamber and begins to squeegee goo from the bottom and side walls of the capsule. He collects it and shortly thereafter applies some of it to what looks like a perfume aroma tester stick. He takes a deep whiff and cranes his head back contentedly as though the scent is pure heaven.
In the lab Walter has the bodies of Jane and Mark Hall laid out on gurneys side by side. Mark's corpse is shriveled down to near skin and bone and it is explained that he died of severe dehydration. The substance that caused the marks on his widow's neck turned out to be a highly concentrated amount of Mark's own pheromones. The group hypothesizes that perhaps the killer is using the dead husbands' pheromones to attempt to make a love potion of sorts. During these observations, Walter snacks on a potato chip, completely disregarding the fact that he is using the same hand with which he had just uprooted a dried organ from Mr. Hall's withered form. Upon Walter's request Lincoln goes off to get the bodies of the first victims exhumed. On his way out, he trips over Peter's bag.
Walter explains that he had made Peter come back when he was leaving for New York. At Olivia's blank expression he realizes that she did not know that Peter was intending on leaving. She wants to know where Peter is at the moment.
Right on cue, we see Peter walking down a row of apartments along the street. He comes to the one marked 228 and after a moment of hesitancy, enters. He finds the appropriate door and the knob twists easily in his hand. Inside, there are stacks of newspapers along with clippings fixed to the wall. There is an individual place setting on the table in the kitchen nook area. He opens a closet to reveal a small collection of Observer hats on its inside shelf. At this point, I really don't want Peter to become an Observer, and I'm hoping that's not where these little clues are leading.
While Olivia and Walter are alone together back at the lab, she finally tells Walter that she is losing the memories of her former life. At first she was okay with it because she was willing to sacrifice the past she once knew if it meant that she and Peter would have a future together. But now, since it looks like that train derailed she is becoming concerned and wants to return to the way she was before the new, old memories began crowding out the existing ones. Confused yet? A simpler version is: The Olivia of episode 4x15 wants to go back to the Olivia of episode 4x01 or at least 4x05 - ish. Walter assures her he will think of something.
Our killer is now sitting on a bench people-watching. Particularly couple-watching. He has a pug on his lap, you know - the typical, I'm-not-a-crazy-pheromone-sucking-psychopath-because-I-have-a-cute-dog routine. He offers to take a picture of one of the couples by the lake. As he snaps the picture he remarks, "Oh, you two look so in love." The couple calls a small child over to them and the man looks a little disoriented. He tells them Goodbye and walks away. A few moments later he stops his journey and says, "I can take that picture for you if you want," undoubtedly finding a new focus of interest.
At the lab Walter is subjecting poor Astrid to sniffing the concoction he has clamped between his forceps. She inhales and then nearly gags at the stench. (Note to self: Never, under any circumstances, sniff anything Walter Bishop is offering between forceps.) He gleefully advises her it is road kill, more specifically a beaver and more specifically than that excretions that were used mostly for marking and mating. In a trip down Walter's memory lane he says, "I went beaver hunting in Eastern Canada in the '70s. Of course in those days, beaver meant something else entirely." I love Walter, that made me laugh so hard.
Lincoln and Olivia are in her office discussing the case. Olivia's theory is that since the killer seems to be targeting happy couples that he is picking people who display the kind of love that he wants for himself. The contemplation is obvious on Lincoln's face but when Olivia asks him what he's thinking about he doesn't say. Although, a few seconds later he tells Olivia that he knows she's been through a lot recently and if she ever needs anything he will be there for her.
Astrid comes in, more than ready to relinquish her post as Walter's smell-tester and says to them, "Walter wants to know which of you has fearless nasal passages." Out in the lab Walter explains that all fragrances are offset with just enough scent of something rancid to balance out the sweet or floral smells. The offending smell he has discerned from the sample on Jane Hall's neck happens to be Castoreum. He offers the specimen soaked gauze pad for Lincoln to take a sniff of, but Astrid warns him off with a small shake of her head. It's not very commonly used and Astrid has found only five perfume manufacturers that use it.
Back at 228½ Morrow Street Peter is still looking around when he hears a beeping sound. He traces the sound to a covered turntable that happens to be hiding a briefcase full of Observer goodies, like the binoculars with the funny number readout and a small device that is the actual source of the beeping.
Astrid calls Olivia while she and Lincoln are in-between perfume makers and lets her know that a certain company, Empire World Fragrance recently fired an employee for stealing none other than that elusive Castoreum. The picture ID on Astrid's screen matches the man we know as the killer.
In Chelsea, Massachusetts, a man lies screaming in the dehydration chamber we saw being scraped out earlier. There are circles of glowing red coils down the sides of the tube. Vaguely makes me think that could be what it looked like trapped in the core of Mars. Why I think this, I don't know, because of the red probably. Dr. McDeadly walks around outside the chamber adjusting knobs and then puts on some music and sets a timer. He empties some gel-like liquid into a jar marked Andrew. So, for anyone who cares the song that is playing during this time is called  The Friends of Mr. Cairo by Jon and Vangelis and actually the words (at least for the part chosen for this scene) really do go quite well with what is going on in this episode.
Olivia, Lincoln and their back-up arrive just a little too late to save Andrew and find him dried up like yesterdays beef jerky. The killer has disappeared and when Olivia sees a wedding ring on the deceased's hand her and Lincoln take off to try to get to the wife before the killer does.
Peter has now left the apartment and with briefcase in hand is following the beeping over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house. He is in Foxboro Massachusetts. The beeping becomes more frequent until it suddenly clicks one last time. Peter also stops and the ground rumbles under his feet. A cone shaped object burrows out of the ground beside Peter.
Now, in Milton Massachusetts, a lady is unpacking grocery bags in her kitchen. As she goes to take the garbage out she hears a noise outside and when she opens the door is startled by the presence of Olivia and a team of FBI agents on her doorstep. Once she has confirmed that the woman is Diana Sutter, Olivia breaks the news of her husband's death.
Olivia and Lincoln get their team in position and wait for the killer to come so they can ambush him. As they wait, Diana starts to talk about her relationship with her husband, and it becomes apparent that although they were approaching 15 years of marriage, there was not much left between them. When they continue to wait for the assumed attack Olivia makes the connection that possibly it isn't the wife that the murderer might be after this time. She speaks to Diana and finds out Andrew was having an affair. They are able to get the address of the other woman from her.
In her home, said "other women" finds one of her doors ajar and shuts it. Naturally when she turns around McStink is there and the inevitable running away then capture ensues. Again, this one calms after she recognizes the scent of her dead love on this imposter. The moment is short-lived before she realizes he is not who he smells he is. He apologizes and then starts to choke her. Before he can stranglehold her not so gently into that good night, Olivia arrives and saves the day.
When Olivia puts him in the squad car they have a little conversation, during which he says what he did wasn't just for him, he pretty much did it for all of humanity. He says, "We're not meant to be alone. It's every human being's right to know love and had I succeeded, had I found the right chemicals, just the right balance, I could've given the world what you have." He informs Olivia that he can smell that she is in love, which is creepy and icky on a whole new level. Off the immediate topic -- in this scene the different camera angles of the man's face seem to show that his left side does not look scarred, when it is in the straight on shots.
Olivia meets up with Nina at what I'm guessing is Nina's apartment in New York. She tells Nina that while she was listening to Diana Sutter talk about her marriage it made Olivia realize that she had given up on the possibility of love in her own life. She has decided that she is going to let these feelings and memories she has in instead of trying to get rid of them. Olivia believes that those memories are from a better version of her. Poor Olivia, she's always thinking there's a better version of her somewhere.

Although she tries, Nina cannot talk her out of it. They come to the realization that Olivia's life with Nina may disappear completely, and Nina resignedly says, "Well, my mother used to say, 'Encourage the quest for happiness in your children, even if it takes them very far away from you.'" Olivia asks that if it does turn out that her memories of their shared time together fades away that Nina doesn't give up on her and tries to build a relationship with her again. This was a very touching scene and now my damn Nina-o-Meter is back in the like zone for her.
Peter is back at the apartment with the cone-like object. He has it wired up to some of the Observers toys. He spins a dial then steps back to watch while he chomps on a snack of some kind. The object has some blue lights circle its outside and when Peter leans forward and reaches for it he has to jump back when he is shocked as it then emits a beam of blue overhead.
Peter bounds up the stairs to the next floor and finds September, swathed in blue light, standing in the hallway. Between head tilts, September explains that the blue light he had Peter activate was a beacon that enabled him to find his way back. The other Observers had locked him out of the universe. Peter pulls the I-scratched-your-back-now-you-scratch-mine card and asks September to tell him how to get home. And in some of the most beautiful words ever uttered in this series, September says, "You have been home all along." Peter needs clarification, seeing as how he was erased and all, so September says, "There is no scientific explanation, but I have a theory based on an uniquely human principle. I believe you could not be fully erased because the people who care about you would not let you go and you would not let them go. I believe you call it ... love. " Peter quietly asks, "And Olivia?" With a small nod September says, "She is your Olivia." I squealed "YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!" at the television when these two facts came out. This is what I have been hoping for all along.
The area starts to shake and Peter turns away for a moment, when he looks back September has vanished. As he gets downstairs the beacon has also disappeared, although unlike September it left a huge hole in the floor that's going to be hell to fix. Olivia arrives at just about the time Peter is exiting the apartment and perhaps it's the pheromones in the air, but they both seem to know that something has now changed (or would it be remained the same?) and they start to quicken their progress towards each other, until he grabs her up and spins her around, sealing the end of the episode with a kiss.

I don't even mind that there wasn't a big WTF Fringe ending for this episode. Unless that was supposed to be it. But in my mind, since that's the path I wanted the show to take it was more validation than WTF. I know there will be more trials and turmoil coming up for the dynamic duo and the rest of the Fringe team, but it's nice to have one end on a happy note.

I do have some advice for Peter though.  If Olivia says that she has to pee after they finish their re-reuniting kiss, for God's sake go with her!!!!
So ... now that it is the same timeline, I wonder how the past events will settle themselves?

I hope we can an announcement soon that there will be a Season 5 of this magnificent show.

Any comments, questions, observations, corrections or what-have-yous are welcome. What did you think of this episode? Love it, hate it?

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fringe Video: John Noble Talks About 4x14 The End of All Things

See what John Noble has to say about last week's Fringe episode, The End of All Things (Season 4, Episode 14).  Check out what he thinks about people going into other people's minds.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recap 4x14 Fringe - The End of All Things

"The End of All Things", Fringe Season 4 Episode 14, Original airdate February 24, 2012

Okay fellow Fringies, sit down and get comfortable because this episode demands our utmost attention. it's a bumpy ride in and out of Observer's minds and emotional turmoil all over the map.
The episode opens with a frantic Peter bounding into Olivia's apartment with Lincoln hot on his heels. Peter is checking light fixtures, in cabinets, under things, behind the shower curtain looking for clues to where the hell Olivia has disappeared to.
Lincoln chooses this time to throw his two cents in on this whole Olivia/Peter as a couple thing that has been brewing lately. Lincoln shares Walter's assessment of the situation and insists, "She's not your Olivia, Peter."
This comment effectively halts Peter's searching and he says "And what if she is?" As Lincoln continues talking about how it was unfair of Peter to allow this Olivia to continue to work on the Westfield case and kind of suggesting that perhaps Peter ignored Olivia's safety to serve his own personal agenda (that was agenda - not vagenda, mind you). Peter starts to stare at the ceiling prompting Lincoln to irritably say, "and that you're not ignoring me right now."
Peter assures Lincoln he is not ignoring him and quickly pulls over a small table that he uses as a step stool. He reaches up and pulls Olivia's smoke detector from it's perch on the ceiling. Inside there is a wireless closed circuit camera transmitting to whereabouts unknown. Peter takes the back up memory disc from it and says he is going to try to get information off of it. He tells Lincoln to let Broyles know what he is working on and suggests Lincoln should start trying to figure out how to get Nina to start talking in case he is unable to obtain any information from the chip.
The captured Nina and Olivia are talking in the room they are being held in. Nina explains to Olivia that when she was abducted in the middle of the night she saw her doppelganger with the people who were involved saying, "Before they put the bag over my head, I saw her stepping out of the shadows behind them. It was me Olive. She looked exactly like me." She also confirms for Olivia that the Nina who came to her apartment so concerned over her migraines was not her. Nina says she still doesn't know what 'he' wants.

Right on cue there is an ominous click and off camera that familiar voice that is the one nightmares are made of says, "Olivia Dunham, I've waited so long to meet you." The camera swings over and David Robert Jones
is there in all his universe hopping pock-marked glory. Olivia informs him none too gently that they've already met, she's already seen him die before and she is certainly ready to witness that event again.
Jones's lackey informs him that the Cortexiphan apparently has confusion as a side effect. (Coming soon: Those lawyer ads - If you or a loved one took Cortexiphan and are now remembering a life that is not your own please call 1-800-LAW-SUIT as you may be entitled to monetary compensation.) Jones says there's actually a lot of that going around seeing as how Olivia is not the only person lately to tell him that he should be dead.

Jones goes on to explain that Olivia has been secretly being dosed with Cortexiphan which explain those god-awful migraines she's been having. He knows that Olivia was involved in the Cortexiphan trials when she was a child. and thanks to Walter's notes from back then he is also privy to the fact that Olivia's abilities are triggered when she suffers intense emotional turmoil.

The henchman prepares a drill with a cylindrical end on it that comes to a point and hands it to Jones. Jones walks over towards Olivia and says, "Every journey begins with a first step," squeezing the trigger of the drill so its whir punctuates his sentence. Nina starts to protest that Jones should leave Olivia alone, which prompts Jones to turn his attention to her.