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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fringe Poem: Fringe Season 1 Episode 1, Pilot

There was an international flight from Hamburg to Boston one night
A man who was upset, used a medicinal pen to self inject
Then he began to seize, like a leaf swaying in the breeze
Next came the vomiting, which was quite frightening

But the melting of the faces had to be the worst, jaws dropping off, and skin ready to burst
Soon all the passengers were infected and the inside of the plane was quite hectic
Lots of people running round, others falling down on the ground
Then the Fringe opening credits, that beginning will really draw you in, if you let it

In a motel room we meet Olivia and John,
neither one of them have any clothes on
The love word is said, Olivia just smiles instead
A ringing phone interrupts a post-coital kiss, so for the moment there will be no more naughtiness

Olivia must go, a disaster awaits
She arrives and finds Charlie, not a moment too late
He tells her everyone on board is dead, but the plane landed great
John shows up on scene, giving no hints that Olivia is his love mate

Agent Broyles gets there and takes charge
telling the boys to suit up and inspect the wreckage at large
Olivia questions his orders, because she wanted to go
Broyles sneers but finally gives her the say so

They find a big mess inside of the plane
blood and guts and numerous stains
Not sure what to call it - terrorism or Hell
Their misgivings about this incident they cannot quell

Then back at the office, they get a lead
Broyles sends Olivia to help John with the deed
At a storage area they talk, both of rudeness and love
John picks a lock, but he's FBI - not thug

A man surprises John, and he gives chase
They run around all over the place
Finally there is a moment where they stand still
Olivia screams in a voice so shrill

There is an explosion and the whole screen goes red
I jump and shout "Oh Christ, are they all dead?"
Olivia has been blown halfway to Hell, John still remains a mystery
and the other man looks on, knowing he just made history

Olivia is okay, but John can no longer play
as he's been blasted with something akin to acid
For a miracle he awaits, because without one death is sure to be his fate
Olivia is sad and if she could help him, she would be glad

She does some research and finds a name
Broyles says "But, the man is insane"
Olivia hops a plane and flies off to Iraq
to become an additional monkey on Peter Bishop's back

Peter is charming, when he wants to be
he tries to explain that his father, he doesn't care to see
When niceness doesn't work, Olivia shows she too can be a jerk
She tells Bishop she has a file, "When do we leave" he says with a smile.

In the sky, on the way back to Massachusetts
They speak of Walter and all the things his knowledge begets
Olivia thinks he can help John
Peter thinks she should just dream on

At St. Claire's in a lonely lunchroom
Olivia speaks to Walter, telling him of the doom
He talks of pudding and sciencey things
He knows with Olivia there, his son she also brings

Peter says "No" to his father's invite
but then gives in and calls Olivia "Sweetheart" out of spite
The meeting goes badly and Olivia steps in
Informing Peter he's about to become Walter's guardian

On the way home from the hospital, Walter utters a squeak
When questioned the problem, he says his penis sprung a leak
Not a big deal, he says so sincere
It was just a squirt, nothing was hurt

Walter examines John, who is looking pretty rough
He takes a sample of tissue and stuff
He pitches a fit, while throwing lots of equipment
Peter is ready to toss in the towel and quit Walter's management

They gain access to Walter's old basement lab
In the bottom of Harvard, looking rather drab
It contains many items of Walter's yesteryears
Not to mention his hopes, dreams, and his fears

He pours out a list of needed things
Bunsens and chemicals, petries and rings
a cow and gadgets and graphs galore
Wait. Did he say cow? Yes, of that I'm sure.

The cow is brought in and some time passes
Peter and Olivia find a bench on which to rest their asses
Olivia confesses that there was no file
Peter is surprised as he lives the con-man style

Walter drops the bomb that John will soon be dead
because before too long his blood won't be able to oxygenate the brain in his head
He spews out some crazy idea, about syncing brain waves
Olivia nods and agrees if it means John she saves

Peter tells her she's crazy, hell she's more than insane
she's going to be shot up with LSD and have an electrode jammed in her brain
She will be going naked into an old tank
And for this, she has the looney Walter to thank

Walter tells his son he just doesn't understand
he's done this before, he's an old hand
Of course the subject was already dead and it was a long time ago
But what the hell, it's okay. C'mon Olivia, Cheerio!

Charlie stops by, to say he can't reach Bell
Olivia says if she could she'd go to his office and bring Hell
Because time is not on their side
and she is ready to get off of this crazy ride

Charlie leaves and the tank is prepared, Olivia is in her skivvies with electrodes in her hair
Walter shoots her up with a homemade concoction, advising that her world is soon to be rockin'
She enters the tank, and the doors are closed, Olivia's stats a monitor shows
They watch her on a screen as she floats in the drink, all that salt helps her not sink

Then they putter while we watch time lapse
Olivia in the tank elicits a little gasp
She is seeing things in her mind
Hoping for a glimpse of John to find

She finds her man, all in one piece, but they have little time to shoot the breeze
They kiss upon the FBI seal, the monitors jump, thinking it's real
As their consciousnesses continue to meld, Olivia asks John to which memories he's held
He thinks back to the storage shed, and sees the man who wished him dead

Their meeting is over, Olivia is drug from the tank
Walter injects her with something to stop her shakes
Peter whispers soothing words
She shouts out to them what just occurred

Back at her office Olivia composites the guy
She won't tell Charlie the how, only the why
They learn this man, Steig, had a twin on the ill fated flight
They decide to find out if his alibi is airtight

Olivia heads to Massive Dynamic, Steig's former workplace
She meets with Nina Sharp, in her office space
Nina reveals she has a robotic arm, complete with fake skin
When she talks about William Bell, she slips into a grin

Olivia is not impressed and sidesteps a pissing contest
when Nina talks about the Pattern, of which Olivia has yet to learn
Olivia takes her leave, not quite sure who or what to believe
But, determined to find out the truth, all she needs is some proof

She calls Peter on the way home from the airport
So Sponge Bob Square-pants Walter had to abort
She says they think they know where Steig lives
and they are taking a team in case he becomes combative

Outside of Steig's apartment, Peter and Walter wait
Walter wants to check Peter to see if he is in a hypertensive state
Peter refuses, and Walter tries another plea
He doesn't want to go back to St. Clarie's and lose more of his sanity

Peter doesn't really answer and then sees Steig bolt
He tells Walter to "Stay put" and takes off with a jolt
Steig runs like a bat out of hell, with Peter on his heels
Then through an apartment he runs, making people squeal

Olivia is following him, in bad ass agent mode
he jumps from a rooftop, on sensory overload
Olivia jumps behind him, landing fast and hard
Hurtling a railing, for her own safety, in complete disregard

Steig still has a head start, but Peter is much too smart
he comes out of nowhere, and tackles Stieg in the cold air
He punches him about the face, angry that Steig made them give chase
Olivia appears with her weapon, and tells Steig he better get to steppin'

Facing off in the interrogation room, Steig is quiet as a tomb
Olivia gets flustered and goes off to get her composure mustered
Peter who'd been watching via TV screen, makes up his mind to go get mean
He intervenes on Olivia's behalf, smashing Steig's fingers with wrath

Stieg's silence is broken, since he sees Peter ain't jokin'
He tells them what they want to know, they go to the lab with Walter in tow
Walter and Peter talk it out, coming to an answer "Brilliant" they shout
They will transfuse John with his own blood, Gene will moo and chew her cud

Olivia and Broyles have a little talk, Broyles says some things and away she stalks,
He follows her and continues his story, tells her he would be very compensatory
giving her whatever resources she needs, to track down the people responsible for these deeds
Olivia does not answer, she walks away again, wishing Broyles would disappear into oblivion

John starts to wake up, and Olivia runs to his side
Thankful he's alive, she doesn't know what she'd do if he had died
They have a short conversation, John says he dreamed about her
Olivia doesn't explain that in his memories she was a passenger

He goes back to the hospital, hopefully to recover and continue enforcing the law
Olivia pays a visit to Steig, who swears to God he didn't deceive
He was blackmailed by someone Olivia knows, he has proof, and there she goes
She finds a recording and listens, on it she hears a snippet of familiar conversation

She finds out that John was playing dirty, even while he was being flirty
She tells Charlie to check on Steig, but John's already been there and took his leave
So Steig is now dead, and John has hopped in his SUV and fled
Olivia chases him down, they drive and swerve and skid all over town

Finally there is an accident, and John's SUV is upside down on the pavement
He gurgles his final words in Olivia arms, trying to warn her and sound alarms
Olivia has Charlie take her back to the lab, where Peter is about to leave with his Dad
She tells Peter he needs to stay, he can speak Walter, he's good that way

Peter says yes, but without any words
He doesn't know that soon Walter will recite Pi backwards
Olivia is grateful and they share a smile
The beginning of a friendship, memories to stockpile

Back at Massive Dynamic a gurney rolls by
On it the body of John Scott does lie
Nina Sharp asks how long he's been dead
When told 5 hours, she says "Question him", 'nuff said.

The End

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