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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fringe Recap: Wallflower (Season 4 Episode 7, 4x07)

Note:  The recap for 4x06 will be up eventually.  I think after not having Peter in any episode for so long and then having so much of him in one episode caused temporary writer's block.

Original Airdate 11/18/11

This episode begins with Olivia checking her medicine cabinet only to find that the bottle of pills she reaches for is empty. She shuts the cabinet looking very glum.
She goes to a pharmacy to pick up a refill. As the pharmacist is informing her this is her last refill before a doctor has to approve new ones, she is busily opening the bottle and taking some of the pills. She says, "I was hoping I wouldn't need these anymore."
On her way back home she passes a sidewalk diner and then comes back for a second look. She goes inside to find Lincoln sitting at the counter. She explains she was out for a walk to help ease a migraine she was having. He invites her to sit down with him for some coffee. As they talk Lincoln tells her that he hasn't slept since he arrived in Boston. He basically says that his whole world has turned upside down since he joined the Fringe Division and has been exposed to this new way of seeing everything around him. Olivia tells him, "You know, eventually it will just become your life."
In Beacon Hill, Massachusetts a man is walking quickly down a street, glancing over his shoulder and even turning fully around, as though looking for someone behind him. His cell rings and he tells the woman on the other end he is on his way home, but he feels like there is someone following him. She brings up calling the police but he says he is nearly home now and she hangs up.
After passing a small puddle of water he hears a splashing sound behind him. When he turns, the puddle is rippling as though something has disturbed it.
His phone rings again, and it's the woman, Meg, telling him that the cops are on their way. He has his key out and is trying to shakily guide it into the keyhole of a door. He says, "It's okay, I'm here." He starts to say what sounds like "I'm home," when something whooshes into him from behind. He yells and falls to the floor with a blurry, shapeless mass clinging to him.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fringe: One Night in October - Funny Poem recap Season 4 Episode 2

One Night in October, Season 4 Episode 2, although September 30th is when it was actually aired to view
A man speaks of family and a turtle they found, back when they would spend time at a campground
The man is in therapy to talk about his past, his doctor encourages him to make his happy memories last
Around this time we can see, there is a tube buried in the patient's brain cavity

His breath also can be seen in the room, as though the temperature has dropped below 32
What kind of doctoring is this?  Less of a professional, more mad scientist
The patient reveals they named the turtle Fred, but no more time for conversation because now he's dead
A tear that had been running down his cheek, hardens quickly into a solid freeze

At Harvard Walter talks to Lincoln, about the shapeshifter's way of thinking
while Walter speaks, around the lab he creeps,
covering things that reflect, raining the Faux with contempt
She used pastries to win him over, all the while being a two timing soldier

Walter needs Lincoln's help, so naturally it's the name "Kennedy!" he shouts
Olivia comes walking in, "Walter is redecorating," Astrid explains with a grin
Astrid tries to do some match-making, hinting Olivia should go out with Lincoln
"He's not my type," Olivia dismisses, Astrid says perhaps her type has no existence

Olivia must leave to go see Broyles, about people whose brains were frozen, not boiled
There have been 23 victim's with this same MO, Olivia asks why she's so late to the show
It's the Other Side's case, Broyles explains, so Olivia will have to work with the one who shares her name
Together they meet with AltLivia so she can  update them on the suspect's trivia

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fringe Neither Here Nor There (401) -- Recap Poem

Well, it took me awhile to get this out, but it's finally here.  Hope it's enjoyable.  Comments are welcome.
We waited months for Season Four, wondering what the powers that be had in store
Would our brown haired hero really cease to exist? But, what kind of show would it be Peter-less?
Neither Here Nor There, an appropriate name, maybe there will be an end to the guessing games
But this is Fringe and it's never easy, I'm sure this episode will only serve to tease me.
Olivia and her alternate are exchanging files, sniping at each other, all the while
Faux says it must suck to be so alone, when she was Olivia she missed her home
Olivia says "Bitch please, just because you lived my life doesn't mean you know me"
As they part ways there is a shimmer, behind Olivia a flash of Peter does glimmer
At a restaurant the Observers meet, although neither one of them appears to eat
Although the old timeline was rendered askew, traces of Peter are still bleeding through
December says, "You must come up with a plan. They cannot know the boy lived to be a man."
September vows to make it right, as he was the one who originally caused this oversight
In Hartford Connecticut a familiar face we see, it's none other than Agent Lincoln Lee
His partner, Robert, is only half dressed, blaming a malfunctioning toaster for his lateness
His children swarm Lincoln as he walks in the kitchen, he pauses to give them attention
Lincoln finally manages to wrangle their Dad so they can be off to catch guys that are bad.

Fringe Music Video

This is so cool.  I just stumbled on this on someone's tumblr blog.  Apparently Fox made a music video with the three main Fringe cast members (Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble) back before it premiered.  I don't remember ever seeing it, but here it is:

Fringe Recap: Season 4 Episode 5, Novation

Fringe ... Novation ... 4x05 ... original airdate 11/04/11
As Fringe begins a convoy of vehicles pulls into the underground parking deck of the FBI Federal Building in Boston. Broyles waits outside one of the cars as a door swings open and Peter Bishop gets out. He is escorted by Broyles and his entourage into the building to a small interrogation-like room.
Olivia enters the lab to find Walter hooked up to two IVs and a beeping machine. His eyes are shut. Olivia walks over to him and he opens his eyes. He explains to her that he was using a barbiturate in one syringe to help him sleep and adrenaline in another syringe to wake him up. When Olivia exasperatedly asks him, "Who sleeps like this?" he says the events of the past few weeks, namely having visions of a strange man who actually shows up and then not being able to examine or speak to said person, has made it so he has not been able to get any rest.
Olivia lets Walter know that the man is refusing to speak to anyone but Walter, and he is also claiming to be Walter's son, Peter.
In Hillsdale, NY a vehicle pulls up in front of a house and a man gets out of it and walks up the sidewalk to the house. Inside, there is a woman rifling through papers in a drawer. The man enters the room and notices that the woman is wearing a sweater that she had said she didn't like before. She says she's just giving it another chance. He also comments that the place is a mess. She informs him is unable to locate the electric bill.
He goes to take a shower. While he is in the shower she removes the keys that he had hooked to his belt loop and uses them to try to get into a locked box in the closet. The man comes out of the bathroom, to see what she is doing.