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Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorites and Best Ofs Season 4 Episode 1, Neither Here Nor There


For this episode's Best Ofs I don't have as many as I usually do. Mostly because there is no Peter right now, so there can't be aFavorite
Peter/Olivia, moment, Walter/Peter moment, Bad Ass Peter moment or even fangirly Joshua Jackson moment. *sigh*

BEST USE OF HEADING ... I'm actually not sure how many times they used the Heading thing this episode so I'm going to say it was near the beginning when it said HARTFORD CONNECTICUT. Basically I'm just picking one. I don't know if I'm going to keep this category in the future.

BAD ASS OLIVIA MOMENT ... .Olivia getting her ass kicked in warehouse but in the end managing to kill the shapeshifter anyway.

BEST LOL ... When Walter tells Astrid "I'm not wearing pants," in the middle of his disease speech. It was just so random, like he just then realized he wasn't wearing them.

BEST EWWW MOMENT ... When the shapeshifter pulled off his fingernail. I don't know if it caught me off guard or what, but I really did almost gag.

BEST WTF ... I don't think I have a best WTF moment for this episode.

WHAT WALTER CALLS ASTRID ... Walter did not get Astrid's name wrong in this episode.

FOOD WALTER TALKS ABOUT/EATS ... He eats microwave popcorn and he asks Agent Lee if he brought candy, such as gum drops.

As always I would be delighted to know if people agreed with these or had other choices.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fringe Season 4 Episode 1 - Neither Here Nor There Recap

Since the new Season has started I am going to start recapping the new episodes (along with making my best of list and funny poem recap) after they air and go back and do the old ones as I can. Unfortunately this means that my recaps will be out of order, unless I can figure out a way to fix that. Enjoy the recap and if you have any questions, or anything to add leave a comment.

Season 4 starts off with Olivia and Faux doing what I assume is exchanging case files so they can read up on the opposite universe. This scene was great. They were so catty with each other. Olivia in an every word has an angry undercurrent type of way and Faux in an outwardly flippant up yours type of way. Neither one of them thinks they can trust the other. Faux blatantly came out and told Olivia all she had was herself so it's no wonder she can't trust anyone.

In the new timeline Olivia was still held by the other side and Faux came here and impersonated Olivia. They didn't go into too many details about that.

To see the two Olivia's side by side and how Anna manages to portray each of them differently is amazing. It really is like watching two completely different people. I really wish the Emmy's had more sci-fi love.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Recap: Fringe Season 1 Episode 3, The Ghost Network

The episode opens outside of St Anne's Cathedral. Inside there is a man in a confessional speaking to a priest. He asks the priest if he thinks that God is able to speak to him. The priest says he believes that God will speak to anyone who is willing to listen. He also asks him if he thinks the devil can speak to people as well. The priest asks if there is something he would like to tell him.

The man explains that he tries to be a good man, but he sees bad things. As he talks we see people on a bus, going about their normal bus-riding activities. There is a man on the bus who is looking around, in a suspicious manner.

The man in the confessional continues to speak about visions that he has and there is a woman on the bus that puts a gray backpack down beside her seat. The man talking to the priest says that he's scared, he wants these visions to stop. While he continues to work his way through his feelings the man on the bus opens a black bag and takes out a gas mask and a silver cylinder. He puts the mask on and the cylinder starts to emit a smoky substance. He puts the cylinder on the floor and it rolls down the aisle of the bus.

As people begin to panic the man gets up, and starts to leave the bus. He reaches down and grabs the backpack that the woman put beside her seat on his way by.

After he gets off the bus he jumps into a waiting car and the car speeds away.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fringe Poem: Season 1 Episode 2, The Same Old Story episode 102

In Boston Mass is where our story begins, Season 1, episode 2 of Fringe
The Same Old Story, boy sleeps with girl, boy gets dressed in a hurry
Here's where our tale deviates from the norm, boy takes out tools as though he has surgery to perform
Meanwhile girl talks alot, asking him questions, then admitting her business it's not

He answers readily enough, all the while concentrating on his orange stuff
She stops talking and starts to groan, she gets off the bed and begins to roam
Boy tells her it will be alright, pretty soon there will be an end to her plight
She is outside now, screaming in pain, she is scared and feeling insane

A kindly neighbor from the room next door, peeps out to see what the yelling is for
He is assured by the mysterious man that taking her to the hospital is his plan
He loads her in the car and they peel away, her stomach undulating as though inside there's a fray
He pulls up to the hosptial while she shouts, gets her to the sidewalk then says I'm out

His tail lights wave Bye-Bye in the dark, dark night, she collapses on the sidewalk with hurt and fright
Next some swinging doors she is being wheeled through, people are asking her when she's due
She is not expecting she lets them know, they say Quick! To the OR we must go!
The baby is coming whether she admits it or not, they ready a scalpel and water that's hot

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fringe Fanfiction

I didn't start reading fanfiction until earlier this year. There's so much of it out there, I only read it for a few shows, Fringe being one of them. Also to further pare it down I usually only read the M rated ones. I figured if I'm going to spend time reading them, I might as well go for the gold.

I almost felt guilty when I started reading them. It felt as if I was crossing a line and spying on pieces of the characters' personal lives that I had no right to know about. But alas, just as it is almost impossible to not look at a car accident when you go by, even though you know you could see something that might be more than you wanted to, that's how I was with fanfic. I read on, got over my well maybe I should just leave the juicy parts to my imagination thoughts and I'm glad I did. It's been fun reading about the characters in different scenarios that we haven't seen on TV.

My favorite Fringe fanfic would have to be Sum Over Histories by MVariorum. It starts around the time that Olivia comes back from the Other Side. The author writes the characters in a way that seems true to how they would actually interact with one another. This fic is well-written and has the right blend of sarcasm from Peter, aloofness from Olivia and craziness from Walter. I look forward to every new chapter.

Added 9/19/11:
While my favorite Fringe fanfic is Sum Over Histories as mentioned above there are several others that I would recommend. They all can be found on but I will provide links directly to the stories as well. These are in no particular order.  I will continue to add to the list as I find more.

List updated - 2.27.14

Date Night by gameoff (My first real fanfic!)
Stakeout by gameoff
Olivia. At the Gala. In a Dress. (by gameoff) *new addition*
Father Time's Mistakes by WikiAddicted723
Heat Wave by SamSpade
Recovery by AAnitab
Synethesia by neotantrika
One Monday Night by doctorwarren
A Year of Love by ab89us
As You Wish by Elialys
Broken Hearted by SamSpade
A Million Stars and You by thornbug
Cold Showers by Dixiegirl256
This Time by doctorwarren
Warm Me Up by SamSpade
Your Love is Life, Piled Tight and High by x-the-rising-x
The Aftermath of Murder by Kadyn
Of Eggnog And Festive Flirting by E Salvatore (rated T)
The Last Recovery of Olivia Dunham by Kadyn
Never Have I Ever by Kadyn
The Spaces In Between by WikiAddicted723
Piano Lessons by noturgurl
And So It Goes by ThatClutzsarahh

Plus my episode recaps told in the form of poetry.  It may sound tedious - but give them a shot, they're meant to be fun to read. (they can be found on this blog and

1x01 - The Pilot Episode
1x02 - The Same Old Story
4x01 - Neither Here Nor There
4x02 - One Night In October

If you have a fanfic you'd like to recommend feel free to leave it in the comments.  I've been informed that this blog does not like to let people leave comments.  So if you have something you want to share you can reach me at email: