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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Were You Thinking Emmys?

I am very disappointed that there was no Emmy love for John Noble and Anna Torv this year.  What's up with that?  Between them they played what could be considered 10 versions of their characters.  Present Day Olivia and Fauxlivia, Bellivia, Older Olivia, Present Day Walter and Walternate, Younger Walter and Walternate, Older Walter and Walternate. 

Yes, maybe I'm stretching it a bit with all the Present Day, Older, Younger etc. but each version of themselves was a little different and they deserved recognition.  Oh, Emmy Gods - shame on you.

Yipee! that Josh presented but Hiss!  Boo! about John and Anna.

Fringe was nominated for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media so at least there's that.

See who else didn't get the nod.

I must go now.  I have some sulking and pouting to do.

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