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Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorites and Best Ofs Season 4 Episode 1, Neither Here Nor There


For this episode's Best Ofs I don't have as many as I usually do. Mostly because there is no Peter right now, so there can't be aFavorite
Peter/Olivia, moment, Walter/Peter moment, Bad Ass Peter moment or even fangirly Joshua Jackson moment. *sigh*

BEST USE OF HEADING ... I'm actually not sure how many times they used the Heading thing this episode so I'm going to say it was near the beginning when it said HARTFORD CONNECTICUT. Basically I'm just picking one. I don't know if I'm going to keep this category in the future.

BAD ASS OLIVIA MOMENT ... .Olivia getting her ass kicked in warehouse but in the end managing to kill the shapeshifter anyway.

BEST LOL ... When Walter tells Astrid "I'm not wearing pants," in the middle of his disease speech. It was just so random, like he just then realized he wasn't wearing them.

BEST EWWW MOMENT ... When the shapeshifter pulled off his fingernail. I don't know if it caught me off guard or what, but I really did almost gag.

BEST WTF ... I don't think I have a best WTF moment for this episode.

WHAT WALTER CALLS ASTRID ... Walter did not get Astrid's name wrong in this episode.

FOOD WALTER TALKS ABOUT/EATS ... He eats microwave popcorn and he asks Agent Lee if he brought candy, such as gum drops.

As always I would be delighted to know if people agreed with these or had other choices.

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