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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fringe Merchandise and Tees: Crazy is Complicated and Reiden Lake

Dr. Walter Bishop said it best in 'Subject 9' (Fringe Season 4 episode 4) when he told Agent Olivia Dunham 'Crazy is alot more complicated than people think.' Get this great Walter quote on t-shirts, journals, throw pillows and more.

Don't be afraid to let your crazy out once in awhile!

Reiden Lake is a fictional place in New York that has been the center
point of many strange events, both in the old timeline and in the new timeline.  It served as a vacation spot for Walter and his family when Peter was young.  It also was the place Walter crossed back and forth between the universes from.  In the old timeline an Observer saved Peter and Walter from drowning in it and altered future events.  In the new timeline, they were not saved and Peter drowned.  Finally, it returned Peter Bishop to the new now, so yes, it has quite a history.

This graphic says Reiden Lake in red letters and is available on shirts, hats and many more items.

Also available in blue.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fringe Season 4 Episode 4 - Subject 9 Recap

As Olivia is sleeping a blue swirling energy begins to gather in her bedroom. Objects from her night table are pulled in the direction of the blue light and fall on the floor. Olivia's clock alarm goes off and she wakes to see this blue manifestation in front of her. She grabs her gun but the intrusion has already disappeared. Then peculiarly her bedside clock flips from 5:59 to 6:00 again and beeps like it hadn't done that already. She glances cautiously around and sees the pile of metal gadgets on her floor that were previously on her night table.
At the lab Walter is conducting an experiment with 28 cameras and some peanuts. He is hoping that he will be able to catch the apparition that has been lurking around the lab. I’m not exactly sure what the peanuts role in the process was. When Olivia comes in he let's her know that he's glad she stopped by for a visit. Olivia responds, "Well, technically I'm not really visiting, because I work here."
Walter thinks their ghostly intruder is out of phase with their reality and can only be seen at certain angles, which is why he needed such a large amount of cameras for his experiment. His experiment was inspired by a fight scene in the Matrix.
Olivia tells him about the occurrence in her bedroom that morning, and rolls up her shirt sleeve to show Walter and Astrid a red scaly patch on her arm where the force had touched her.
Olivia is concerned that perhaps she causing this thing, whatever it is, to manifest. She brings up the Cortexiphan trials where she was able to start fires with her mind.
Walter has no answers for her, but decides to get a scraping of Olivia's boo-boo to see if he can get any information from that. While Olivia and Astrid are on the other side of the lab Walter notices an envelope protruding from Olivia's jacket pocket. It's a letter that Olivia has to fill out to determine whether Walter is going back to St. Claire's or not. Walter's doctor feels that he should return so he can be observed, but it is ultimately up to Olivia to make the choice.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am Fluent in Walter T-shirt

Fans of Fringe know that Dr. Walter Bishop sometimes seems to speak his own language as he tries to work through the cases of the Fringe Divison.  His son, Peter Bishop, often has to interpret what he is saying for Olivia Dunham and Astrid Farnsworth. 

This funny t-shirt design says I am fluent in Walter in blue letters.  Under that it says Fringe in silver with a six fingered hand print beside it.

Also available on long sleeve shirts, hats, aprons and more.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fringe - Season 4, Episode 3 - Alone in the World Recap

Episode 4x03 starts with Walter having a meeting with his psychiatrist.  The doctor wants to know if Walter has been taking the new meds that he has prescribed to Walter.  Walter says he has mostly, and with his own tweaks.

Walter says he is a bit distracted because there is an important project he is working on.  The doctor mentions that almost every surface in the lab that could possibly reflect something has been covered up. 

He is also aware that Walter claims to have seen a man in the lab sometimes, even though he is the only one who has seen him.  This man also supposedly speaks to Walter sometimes.

Walter explains that him covering everything up was an experiment he was working on and the mysterious man is only a result of him dabbling with his own medication.

The doctor wants to know if Walter has been hallucination free for the past few weeks.  Before he answers, the doctor shifts his clipboard a bit and there is a distorted Peter looking out from it.  Walter sees him, but glances away and tells the doctor there's been no more hallucinations. 

Now, a young boy is running down a road that is flanked by trees on either side.  There are two other boys chasing him, yelling varieties of "We're gonna get you."

The boy dashes into an underground concrete tunnel and the other two kids follow him inside.  One of them starts to advance on him and threaten him for  getting him "busted for the stash in my locker."

When he pulls back his fist in order to punch the first boy, the other heckler starts complaining and freaking out about something touching his leg. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recap: Season 4 Episode 2 - One Night in October

One Night in October opens in the middle of what appears to be a therapy session. A man is looking at a picture of a boy holding up a turtle. It is a picture of him when he was younger. The other man in the room with him asks him questions about the day picture was taken. He says that he thinks he was six and in the summer his family would go camping in the White Mountains. His mom took the picture and was laughing when she did. As the man speaks wisps of his breath become visible, as though it is very cold. He says he misses his mother.
The other man prompts him to tell him what else happened. There is blue liquid traveling through coils of tubing beside him. The shot follows the tubing up, until it shows that it is anchored in the back of the head of the man who is looking at the picture.

He says he and his brothers talked their Mom into keeping it and they named him Fred. The questioner says, 'How did that make you feel?' and the man answers, "Happy" in a voice barely above a whisper. Then some crackling is heard and the tear that was running down his cheek freezes and his eyes look like they freeze over as well. The opening credits roll.

Walter is in the lab talking to Lincoln about the shapeshifters. As he talks he creeps slowly towards a jar full of some kind of green substance. The liquid distorts his face, much the way a fun house mirror would. He drops a cloth over the jar and it's lid.
He is explaining to Lincoln that the shapeshifters (and everything from Over There) are hateful and several other synonyms to describe just how he feels regarding the Other Side. Astrid tries to reason with Dr. Walter Thesaurus and tells him they need to try to set aside their differences and move on.