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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fringe Neither Here Nor There (401) -- Recap Poem

Well, it took me awhile to get this out, but it's finally here.  Hope it's enjoyable.  Comments are welcome.
We waited months for Season Four, wondering what the powers that be had in store
Would our brown haired hero really cease to exist? But, what kind of show would it be Peter-less?
Neither Here Nor There, an appropriate name, maybe there will be an end to the guessing games
But this is Fringe and it's never easy, I'm sure this episode will only serve to tease me.
Olivia and her alternate are exchanging files, sniping at each other, all the while
Faux says it must suck to be so alone, when she was Olivia she missed her home
Olivia says "Bitch please, just because you lived my life doesn't mean you know me"
As they part ways there is a shimmer, behind Olivia a flash of Peter does glimmer
At a restaurant the Observers meet, although neither one of them appears to eat
Although the old timeline was rendered askew, traces of Peter are still bleeding through
December says, "You must come up with a plan. They cannot know the boy lived to be a man."
September vows to make it right, as he was the one who originally caused this oversight
In Hartford Connecticut a familiar face we see, it's none other than Agent Lincoln Lee
His partner, Robert, is only half dressed, blaming a malfunctioning toaster for his lateness
His children swarm Lincoln as he walks in the kitchen, he pauses to give them attention
Lincoln finally manages to wrangle their Dad so they can be off to catch guys that are bad.

Soon they are in hot pursuit, chasing someone across a roof
Then into a building they do run, splitting up and drawing their guns
Lincoln gets a weapon pointed at his head, but thinking quick, he cuffs the guy to a railing instead
He yells to Robert, alerting him of his capture, to him, Robert doesn't answer
Lincoln finds Robert flat on the ground, and beside him a strange looking man kneeling down
The guy takes off and Lincoln follows, but the eerie man escapes through a window
Lincoln heads back to check on Robert, it's too late, this world he has departed
Robert's face is looking grim, his teeth and veins showing through his skin
Olivia and Astrid arrive to inspect the damage, Olivia noting how Robert's face is ravished
Astrid tries to communicate with Walter at the lab, but her cell phone keeps squelching instead
Olivia meets Lincoln as two Observers watch, although once Lincoln knew her, now he does not
Olivia says they are taking the body to a secret destination, Lincoln is angry she won't reveal the location
When Lincoln wants to speak to a higher-up, Olivia says she's it, with her he's stuck
She drives away in her SUV, Lincoln commits her license plate to memory
At the lab Walter complains of a bad vibe, the feeling's been there since they bridged with the Other Side
Then Walter grouses about Walternate, Astrid points out there is probably mutual hate
Suddenly between Walter and Gene, a staticy flash of Peter is seen
No one notices as they continue to talk, then through the doors Agent Lee walks
Walter doesn't even bat an eye, just hands Lincoln a dead bird, then makes it fly
Although it appears very much alive, Walter explains it's still dead inside
Olivia demands to know why Lincoln is there, at about that time the bird falls out of the air
He came looking for answers, to locate her he tapped traffic cameras
Olivia threatens to call his boss, Lincoln has contacts too, he scoffs
A newspaper journalist would love to know about Walter and his flying dead bird show
Broyles calls before either can cash in on their threat, there's a new crime scene that Olivia must inspect
When Lincoln wants to go Olivia declares, "No way," then changes her mind and says "Okay."
Once they get to the scene, Walter watches the proceedings on a TV screen
He tells her she must check the victim's anus, Astrid thinks, Damn, this job is heinous 
Nadine Park is the new victim's name, she was on her way home from taking the train
It is thought the attack came from the backseat, causing her to swerve into a lamppost on the street
The only witness is hesitant, she is afraid to reveal what she saw of the accident
Finally she shows a picture she took, it's Robert's killer, that murdering crook!
Olivia reveals the body count is quite high, more than three, four or even five
With some in-depth questions and a signature on the line, Lincoln's clearance takes a huge incline
They enter a room lined with bodies on steel tables, finding a link between them, they are so far unable
Lincoln mentions Robert had Crohn's disease, Broyles looks thoughtful, then he leaves
September shops at a used electronics store, the owner asks what he needs the equipment for
September cocks his head in that Observer way, "To erase someone from time," he does say
At the lab Walter cannot be found, Olivia and Astrid split up to track him down
The tank has splashing coming from within, Walter climbs out, soaked to the skin
Walter says, "There was a man, but he disappeared," Walter hid in the tank out of fear
Olivia calms him with a steady hand, assuring him he is safe from the man
Walter notices Nadine was engaged, he remarks how sad it is when love is upstaged
The test results are coming in, the victims' diseases were caused by heavy metal poisoning
In the middle of his explanation, he informs Astrid of his pant-less situation
She goes to get his missing clothing articles, Walter explains that the blood of the victims' no longer had metal particles
With the dead count so high, the killer must be needing metal in a large supply
But what it is being used for remains to be seen, who knows what's behind this evil scheme
In a lab, somewhere else, a man in a white shirt injects himself
He jots some notes in his book, then waits to find out if his experiment took
Olivia explains that Fringe doesn't return victims who are dead, their families are told they are missing instead
Lincoln is uncomfortable with this, 'People die, sometimes twice,' Walter states with a hiss
Olivia says there is too much paperwork that comes into play, that's why they have to do it that way
By looking at several clues, they decide commuter train stations is how the killer picks his next to-do
Astrid advises Broyles of this new information, and to send teams of agents to the nearby stations
Lincoln doesn't hesitate when Olivia says 'Come', to catch up with her he nearly has to run
The man in the other lab is getting some results, he grows a new fingernail, then pulls it off
Just when I think that's about as gross as it gets, he grins maniacally in the mirror and his face is a mess
His skin is translucent with a purplish hue, his eyes are sunken, his nose almost blue
He is quite pleased with the turn of events, his smile so wide, his cheeks might split
While inside the car they wait, Olivia tells Lincoln of her old partner's fate
His skin problem resembled Robert's a lot, so almost the same, only not
That's how Walter originally came into her life, but he couldn't save her partner's strife
The radio chirps, advising the suspect has been seen, Olivia and Lincoln go to find the team
When they get there one agent is already dead, the other has been shot and is bleeding bad
Lincoln stays to help him out, Olivia leaves him and enters the warehouse
In a very Fringe-like twist, the man inside ignites his notes with a flame from his wrist
He and Olivia fight and she goes down, but eventually manages to discharge into him round after round
Lincoln is nervous until he learns, it was not Olivia's life that was adjourned
The agent who was wounded manages to speak, "There's another one" he says in a voice so meek
Lincoln spins around super quick, and catches a glimpse of the lunatic
They fire at each other and the man goes down, he is now dead and sirens are heard in the background
Lincoln wishes who these things are was more clear cut, Olivia says "Not who, but what."
Beside a building a woman stands, sharing the same sickly skin as the man
A moment passes and her face is not quite as dark, in fact she resembles Nadine Park
She disappears through the doorway of the building, her creepy vibe still unyielding
Lincoln Lee is back in Hartford, he opens a box containing Robert's badge and ID card
Over at Harvard in Walter's lab, Astrid tries to make sense of the notes that were burned so bad
It reminds Walter of a book he read, every Wednesday, in St. Claire's, he said
Lincoln drops in but doesn't have candy, he thinks Olivia releasing Robert's body was pretty dandy
Walter finds a disc in the corpse before him, he says it's a hybrid but this version is human
The tech he has removed is not from here, not China either because that would make things too clear
Olivia feels it's time to clue Lincoln in, she gets him an ID and then they get full body scanned
Olivia speaks in a bit of a riddle, sometimes the search for answers leaves you with little
Faux comes down on an elevator, says she'll look into the tech and get back to Olivia later
She and Lincoln do not speak, she just looks him up and down from head to feet
In this room that bridged blue and red, Lincoln sees a Zeppelin flying overhead
He's a bit overwhelmed by all these twists, first unknown tech, shapeshifters and now this?
September waits outside on a bench, while Walter makes a drink to make him less tense
He bids Tommy/Timmy goodnight, heads off to bed but leaves on the light
September powers up his electronic device, then turns it off again after thinking twice
He shuts the case with a click, and leaves without working his Observer magic
In his bed Walter's eyes are getting heavy, for sleep he is nearly ready
He turns off the TV, about to go Night-night, then suddenly he screams in fright
Peter's reflection was on the screen, just staring out, very serene
Tim comes running when Walter freaks out, then he dashes off again to go get help.
So Peter has not returned yet, I wonder where his time is being spent?
Maybe he's in limbo or in yet another universe, and now poor Walter thinks he's cursed
Everyone is different without Peter around, hopefully his existence will soon be found
This is just the beginning, many more episodes to go, I can't wait for the next show!

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