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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fringe Merchandise (With Quotes from 2x22, 3x14 and 2x02)

The sci-fi TV show Fringe proves time and again to be a resource for great quotes.  Sometimes they are romantic, sometimes they are snarky and sometimes they are just downright funny. These three designs showcase all of the above.  You can get them on men's and women's t-shirts, hoodies and pajamas or get yourself a mug, iPhone case or sticker.

This design is a quote from Fringe Season 2, Episode 22 (Over There Part 2) when Olivia crossed over into the alternate universe to convince Peter to come back with her.  She said to him, "You belong with me."  Our graphic features that phrase set against the background of a sketched heart.  On the lower right side of the heart are the words:  "Olivia and Peter."

Visit our You Belong With Me Quote section to see all of the products available with this design.

This design says:  "Dear God - Is it second guess everything I do day?  Because I haven't been informed."  This was a sarcastic comment that Walter Bishop made in Fringe Season 3, Episode 14 ("6B") when he got frustrated with Astrid.  This would make a great gift for someone who's a fan of Walter or just feels that they get no respect.

See our entire selection of items with this design in our Second Guess Everything Quote  section.

This hilarious text only design says:  "Science is patience." in blue letters.  Under that in red wording it reads:  "It's also slimy."  These quotes were taken from a conversation that Walter had with Astrid Farnsworth during the Fringe episode "Night of Desirable Objects"  (2x02).

It is pictured here on a dark tee but you can check out our Science Is Patience Quote section to view all of the merchandise this is available on.

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