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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fringe 506 - 'Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There' Observations

Fringe ... Season 5, Episode 6
'Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There'
Original Airdate:  Friday November 9, 2012

Well, I didn't get around to doing my full, long-ass recap this week for this episode but I did want to put something up so I thought I'd share some Observations (See what I did there?) I had been discussing with a fellow Fringe fan.  (*wink* starg8fans - I'm looking at you!)

I really need to watch this episode again so my initial opinions may change later.

This episode had some really awesome scenes that I loved - the P/O in Etta's apartment, Peter taking on the Observer, the Peter and Walter scene at the end - but overall it didn't have the same impact that the previous two episodes did.  Which is okay, because I guess they can't all be knock-your-socks-off episodes. 

Going into a bit more detail:  The pain that Peter conveyed with the simple sentence of "I just needed to see her," was so heartbreaking.  And then when he and Olivia were watching the message how Olivia had tears in her eyes and Peter's lip was quivering slightly just knocked that scene out of the park.  What great acting from Anna and Josh.  I loved that they had their moment to actually grieve together over the loss of their daughter.

Something about the tone and inflection in his voice when Peter said he got the injury on his neck when they collapsed the core made me rewind that part several times.

When he was telling Olivia that he was fine I was thinking to myself, 'Peter, you are so far from fine it's not even funny.'

The look he had at the end of that scene when he looked at Etta's image and then out over Olivia's head kind of gave me the creepy shivers.  Of course, I think that I probably read more into every look and nuance Josh gave Peter in this episode because I was trying to see if his Observer was peeking out.

I did love the scene where Walter was counting off his paces and then he took that step and just disappeared.  That was awesome.

The video when he got distracted by the pastries was such a lovely moment for people who have been watching this show all the way through because it was just SO Walter.  It looked to me like Peter, Astrid and Olivia all had tiny endearing smiles when he did that.

I did sort of like Walter being assertive and aggressive telling the trapped man that if he wanted to get out then he would show him.  I didn't think at the time though it meant that it was Ruthless Walter seeping back in.  It was when he made the collateral damage comment I thought, "Uh-oh."  Although I have been wondering when Walter's re-implanted brain parts would catch up.

I was a bit disappointed when Peter and Olivia disappeared into the pocket and just left Astrid outside, but I guess she was serving as the lookout, and poor thing got sucker punched for that too.

This is probably soooo random and unconnected but I noticed that Peter was wearing a hoodie under his jacket at the end of the episode before and when he killed the Observer.  That made me think back to 'Reciprocity' when he was doing the shapeshifter killings.  This episode and the last one made me think about 'Reciprocity' a lot.  That's probably because it was that episode that Dark Peter was so prevelant in.

Although, I do remember him wearing a hoodie in the 1st or second season when he hadn't gone dark.  (I remember it mostly because I watched the gag reel a bunch of times when Josh's phone rings during the scene and he drop kicks it.  I always wondered if that broke his phone.) 

Again, I was probably reading into it but I thought Peter had a weird or menacing look when he told Walter, 'You weren't supposed to leave the lab.'

I was distracted by the camera movement in the scene when Walter, Peter and Olivia are talking about whether Cecil was Donald or not.  It seemed choppy or something, like the editing was weird.  IDK.

It was cool that the doors were marked with the Fringe glyphs ...  I wonder what that means?

You could see how Peter settled into his Observer tech when he was fighting the Observer.  It was like it suddenly started to make sense to him how to move and fight.  When he snapped the Observers neck I actually said, "Ohhhh," out loud.  That was brutal.  I don't want to see Peter keep killing Observers so nonchalantly, but there is definitely something to this side of Peter that is intriguing. 

My friend brought up the parallel between Walter and Peter at the end with both of them slowly changing on the inside and this was my response to that:
God the Peter/Walter scene was so great! I'm so glad you mentioned the parallel there.  I thought there was one, but somehow I got to thinking it was Walter going on a mission years ago to try to get the other Peter at all costs and Peter taking on the world to avenge Etta's death.  After what you mentioned though I totally see how both Walter and Peter are now becoming more in touch with their ruthless sides.

I  had the thought when I was writing this that when Peter called Walter 'Dad,' what if he did that because he thought that was what he was supposed to do?  Thinking that was a proper response to a moment like that.  Because at first I was all, "Awww, he called him Dad."  but what if it meant something completely opposite than what I was thinking?  One good thing is there have been times in the past when Peter was not Observerised he referred to Walter as Dad and he meant it in a loving way.  

One more of the reading into things:  Right before we saw that Peter was seeing in that blue hue it looked like he did an Observer head tilt.  (Really though, what makes an Observer head tilt different than a non-Observer head tilt?)  Did Peter actually smile back at Olivia when she smiled at him?  And did he see something significant during that moment? 

So, everybody, what did you think?   Leave a comment, question or your own thoughts about this episode.  What was your favorite or least favorite moment?  If you try to comment and the blog gives you problems (it can be naughty sometimes) you can email your comment to

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