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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preview of Welcome to Westfield (with Polivia!)

I've been a bad, bad blogger.  I have no excuses, I can't claim that I was held captive in an alternate universe while my doppelganger took over my life in this one, or that someone slipped me a soul magnet and temporarily inhabited my body while I hid out inside my own mind.  If I could then my name would be Olivia Dunham and I'd be one badass FBI agent.

I have two main reasons for posting at the moment.  First off, I just saw a preview for tomorrow night's episode "Welcome to Westfield" that was different than the one aired after last week's show.  This one has some steamy Polivia going on, which of course makes me happy.  Even without that wonderful bit of good fortune for all the shippers the episode looks like it is going to be great.  From what I gathered Walter, Olivia and Peter go to investigate a Fringe event in a town called Westfield.  When they try to leave Westfield, they find they are unable, repeatedly passing the city's Welcome to sign.  I can't wait. 


Okay, second reason for writing.  On the website I first found out about this video someone had posted in the comments that they just heard Fringe was cancelled.  Now before I add fuel to the fire of what I'm hoping is someone's idea of a bad joke I want to say that I searched and searched and could not find any evidence backing this statement up.  If anyone has heard otherwise please leave a comment.  This show cannot be cancelled!

All right my fellow Fringe fans, hopefully it will not be long before I post again.  Everyone be sure to watch Fringe live Friday at 9:00pm on Fox.

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