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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Unique Fringe Merchandise and Info on Our Sale

All of our Fringe designs are available on a variety of styles and colors of tees, as well as long sleeve shirts.  For people who want something other than clothing we have everything from iPhone and iPad cases to decorative wall hangings and knick knacks for your home.

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 Whatever you do, do not use Walter Bishop's Geiger Counter without getting permission first.  In Season 1, Episode 19 (The Road Less Taken) Walter gets angry with Peter for that very reason.  Our design is a reminder to all the budding scientists out there.  It says:  Lab Rule #1 Do not BORROW Walter's equipment without ASKING!

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This design is based on the Fringe episodes "Peter" (2x16) and "Subject 13" (3x15) both of which were set in the 80's.  This is a blue retro rendition of the word Fringe.

See all items available with this graphic.

Do you remember in The Firefly (Season 3 Episode 10) when the Observer told Walter, "Give him the keys and save the girl"?  Now you can own this quote as a t-shirt or other item.  There is a also an image of an Observer beside the quote.

See all our merchandise with this design.


For our entire collection of Fringe TV show t-shirts and merchandise visit our Fringe TV Show section at Thought Provoking Shirts.

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